Everything You Need to Know About the Best Therapy Centers in Egypt

By: Malak Hatem

No two humans on Earth think in the same way. The thoughts that enter and leave our minds every second are all kinds of different but if there’s one thing we know for sure has crossed every single living human’s mind at least once in their lives is: should I go see a therapist?

And because we are all still different, the reasons behind this particular thought will never be the same in the minds of two different people. 

Some of us seek therapy because we wish for someone to vent to. Some of us are tired of having to figure things out on our own, because it can get too damn hard at times. Some of us are just seeking the help they know others can’t provide. And some of us are only seeking guidance.

But no matter what the reason is, we’re all faced with the same obstacle: that seeking therapy in Egypt is extremely frowned upon. We don’t know who to ask or where to look because it is one of the biggest taboos created by the Egyptian society. So in an attempt to help those who do not know from where to start, we have asked Lilac to recommend the best therapy centers in Egypt. 

*This is in no way sponsored. Lilac went to countless mental health facilities around Egypt and were kind enough to tell us what they found out. 

  1. Inside – Out Counseling Center

Inside – Out is located in Nasr City. Their services include behavioral issues, marriage counselling, adolescence issues, child psychology however they don’t offer treatment for autism. They also have two certified and trained and supervised life coaches for career, business and relationships. 

Psychologists who work there have at least a Master’s degree in psychology from AUC/other countries. They don’t have psychiatrists, only Psychologists/Psychotherapists who can’t offer medications but will refer to a psychiatrist if needed.

Inside – Out doesn’t accept walk-ins, only appointments, for confidentiality and to ensure that the clients are not recognized by anyone they know, the facility’s waiting area is away from the reception and the entrance. And they don’t accept minors under the age of 21 without the consent of an adult.

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  1. Good Hope Psychiatry Clinic

The Good Hope Clinic is located in Mohandessin. They accept walk-ins, who, unfortunately, might have to wait for a spot to open up. The Clinic has a well-trained and supervised staff of licensed psychotherapists. They have 2 psychiatrists and 2 psychologists and a nutritionist. And the clinic’s owner is Dr. Adly El Sheikh who is a part of the Arab Board of Psychiatry.

They specialize in rehabilitation of psychotic disorders, depression and anxiety disorders, sexual therapy & marital counseling, addiction treatment, and eating disorders,

And they offer psychological testing, hospital consultancy and home visits. 

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  1. The Behman Hospital

The 75-year-old psychiatric institute is the oldest in the mental health field in the MENA region.

The hospital is located in Zamalek and has on-call doctors 24/7 and they offer 24/7 emergency call service. Walk-ins are available at the hospital for inpatients and outpatients. The hospital’s professionals have a minimum of a master’s degree, and are specialized and trained. All the psychiatrists are medically trained professionals, and many of them are members of the Royal College of Psychiatry and/or the Arab Board of Psychiatry.

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  1. Serenity Psychology Center

The centre is located in Maadi; there is no sign pointing the place out due to confidentiality reasons. All you have to do is ask a doorman for ‘the clinic’, and he’ll point the entrance to you. They don’t accept walk-ins, only appointments, which start on time. All professionals are supervised, trained, and have at least a Master’s degree. Serenity doesn’t offer active addiction rehabilitation, and no child psychology available. They do, however, offer therapy to parents of kids, and parents can also bring their children with them sometimes. They offer individual sessions as well as groups for adolescents and adults. And they offer educational workshops to spread awareness on mental health. They have 5 psychologists and 2 psychiatrists who are trained and certified psychotherapists on board, as well as a psychodramatist.

To ensure confidentiality, the therapy sessions end 10-15 minutes before the next client’s, allowing them time to leave without meeting other clients. And the waiting area is around the corner from the entrance.

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