27 “Classic” Rom-Coms We’ve All Watched and Somehow Loved Despite Most of Them Being Ugh

By: Latifa Amr

I don’t know about you, but I love nothing more than coming back from a long hectic day to watch a heartfelt rom-com. Picture this; getting all curled up into a ball with your blanket, pizza lined up with fries then popcorn and end the stomach sabotage with desert, and no one says no to chocolate, lights off, Netflix on, the only problem facing you is ‘what to watch?’ and for that, I’ve got you covered. All must watch chick-flicks are coming right to your way.

13 going 30

I love, love, love this movie. Its so upbeat and always puts me in a good mood, if you’re ever in a shitty mood and need a little pick me-up, 10/10 would recommend.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

The king (Matthew McConaughey) and queen (Kate Hudson) of rom-coms unite and give us the happily every after we all dream of, after of course, a few twists and turns.

Mamma Mia

If you feel kind of bummed out, this is a must see movie; you get to learn the choreography to your favorite ABBA songs, other than the fact that Meryl Streep got us singing and jumping over ‘dancing queen’, it’s one of those musicals that aren’t annoying, on the contrary it leaves you with a very upbeat vibe.

The Devil Wears Prada

Andy Sachs is not a material girl, and she doesn’t live in a material world, she lives with her college boyfriend, always out with her close friends and would always dress according to comfort, however things start to heat up when she nails a job opportunity at runway magazine, every girl’s dream job. But working for the ruthless Miranda Priestly puts her in a difficult position where she must make an ultimatum, sneakers or heels?

50 First Dates

Imagine falling in love with a person with short term memory loss, crazy right? Well, you don’t have to, just watch Adam Sandler trying to get Drew Barrymore to fall in love with him over and over again.

Made of Honor

A valuable lesson on how you never know how important something truly means to you until you lose it, Tom has always had a thing for his best friend Hannah, however it’s a big deal breaker when his golden rule is: no strings, no commitment. But after Hannah comes back from Scotland with a prince charming in hand, will Tom confess his feelings to the women he loves?

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

We all know the saying; the past will always find you. Well, this film takes it very seriously, when a playboy photographer is invited to his brother’s wedding, he has to take a trip down memory lane (literally) to know the meaning of true love.

Mean Girls

A movie filled with iconic scenes, till this day we stand by wearing pink on Wednesdays, we will forever consider October 3rd a national holiday and don’t worry Gretch, fetch is so happening. You will not regret seeing Cady (the goodie goodie girl) turn sour, how sexy Aaron looks with his hair pushed back and how Regina George gets hit by a bus.

10 Things I Hate About You

Inspired by William Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew, Cameron cannot date his crush Bianca unless her antisocial sister Kat has a boyfriend, so Cameron settles an alliance with bad-boy Patrick to reel Kat in with his charms.

Along Came Polly

Reuben is not a spontaneous person whatsoever, he’s a man with a plan (always), but when he finds his new bride getting some from their diving instructor on their honeymoon things start hitting north. However, everything changes when he meets an old class mate Polly Prince (Jennifer Aniston) who is the complete opposite of him.

There’s Something About Mary

Okay, hear me out, this is a very underrated rom-com, but I love this movie, you can just have it along the background, you can add it to your watch list with your bf/gf, it’s light-hearted movie that has Cameron Diaz, just give it a try, you won’t regret it, trust me.

Legally Blonde

The ultimate proof that looks aren’t everything, Elle Woods has never been taken seriously. On the contrary, she’s always been seen as the dumb blond who doesn’t care about anything unless it’s pink, however when push comes to shove, Elle must prove that she is so much more when she’s accepted to Harvard Law School.

Friends With Benefits

You can pretty much read into the plot just from the title, two new friends who’ve been in really shitty relationships decide to spice thing up by having a sexual relationship but with no strings attached…well, that was the plan at least. 


This right here is the OG of chick flicks, we all grew up wishing to have a revolving wardrobe, own every designer piece of clothing there is and go around acting like daddy can buy us the worl. Cher will always be our idol.

500 Days of Summer

If you’re a hopeless romantic like Tom over here, then you should take a peek, you’ll get all the feels when Tom has a significant recollection of the past year he spent with Summer. You’ll be voting for this underdog.

Maid in Manhattan

A “modern” take on the classic tale of Cinderella; boy meets girl, love at first sight, their love blossoms then BAM…they discover that they’re both from different worlds. Predictable, but an amazing movie nonetheless.

27 Dresses

Always the bridesmaid never the bride, Jane who’s always been secretly in love with her boss, has her world turned upside down when her sister announces their sudden engagement. However, that doesn’t stop her from fulfilling her sacred mission as a bridesmaid which results in her encounter with a very cynical journalist.

Shallow Hal

The English (read: OG) version of Habeeby Na’eman, a shallow man meets his dream girl, but it’s not nearly as simple as it may sound, as he’s under some kind of spell. But, when his dreams turn to reality, what will happen?

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

This movie is all about friendship, so if you unconditionally love your shella, this is the movie you should watch next time you have a girls’ night in.

She’s the Man

You’re a girl, he’s a boy. No! We’re both equal human beings who have the same rights and should be treated equally with no sexism or gender stereotyping and get equal pay! So here’s Amanda Bynes breaking the circle and giving us a more modern Mulan vibe.

Pretty Woman

Julia Roberts, yes the living legend, has graced yet another classic. A Pygmalion tale but with a 90’s twist, Richard Gere playing a rich entrepreneur who hires a prostitute to accompany him to a few social events.

Just Like Heaven

As weird as it may sound this is about a guy who’s just moved into an amazing apartment only to discover that its haunted by its former tenant Elizabeth, who only he can see.

Valentine’s Day

A very adorable and heartwarming film that has all the stars you know and love appearing in cute little stories that turn out to be connected in the end.

When Harry Met Sally

Just your typical story of how two unexpected strangers accidently turn to friends, how their friendship gradually blossomed into love and how they have only faith to thank.

Sweet Home Alabama

If you’re running from your past, you better not be doing it in heels, cause you ain’t going nowhere. Reese Witherspoon is engaged to the most eligible bachelor in the city, but little does he know about her high school husband who’s waiting for her at home and refusing to divorce her.

Crazy, Stupid Love

Ryan Gosling shirtless, need I say more? I think I’ve made my point quite clear.

The Holiday

Two girls, two different countries but both have one thing in common: they both want to get far away from their toxic relationships. They decide to swap lives for the holiday season, but things start to heat up when they both start falling for two local boys.

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