Why Queer Eye is the Perfect Show to Binge Watch RN

By: Rawan Khalil

The reboot hit makeover show Queer Eye out on Netflix is one you need to watch. They have the tagline of:“The original show was fighting for tolerance. Our fight is for acceptance”. Queer Eye is a show that breaks boundaries, or fights the irradicate the presence of ridicolous boundaries. It’s way too inspiring for a reality show tbh.

Before I get into why you should watch it I want to point out that Fadila forced me to watch Queer Eye to write the article and I couldn’t because I cried every episode, but I finally got through the first season and hell it was worth it. So, ladies and gents I present you thy reasons:


I obviously got to start with this one. The makeovers are truly amazing and drool-worthy. It’s not just a transformation in terms of looks- no. It’s a transformation in terms of confidence as well. Tan France, the fashion expert, Jonathan Van Ness, the skin/hair expert and Karamo Brown, the culture expert give the guys a makeover which makes them more confident individuals. Having a good haircut is a stepping stone into better self-assurance, as taught by JVN, for example.


Queer Eye is an emotional rollercoaster filled with feel-good moments, and for a watcher prepare your tears of joy. It’s inspiring and uplifting to the people in the show but also the viewers. 

Karamo gives the best life advice, period.


The Fab Five are Tan France, Bobby Berk, Jonathan Van Ness, Antoni Porowski and Karamo Brown. They are so loveable because they have such strong and different personalities. They all have something to offer that you will probably fall in love with- from Jonathon’s sassy statements to their sense of humor. But, mostly importantly the Fab Five’s friendship is one of the most refreshing things you will watch on reality tv. They all love and support one another giving the show a joyous perk.


Antoni aka the food expert hands out food tips that belong to pinterest and recipes which I bet you will want to try out.


Queer Eye opens up difficult conversations and creates dialogue on tough subjects. It puts “taboo” topics in the front row, middle seat. That includes everything from acceptance, to self image, racism, police brutality and a lot more. But, most importantly it does that with an open heart, love and respect. It’s a show that sheds light on the importance of conversation when it comes to understanding one another and dissolving conflict.


No matter what you’re looking for in your next watch it’s almost guranteed that Queer Eye has it from feel-good moments to fashion, food, makeovers, humor and so much more Queer Eye is a show for everyone.

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