6 Young Egyptian Male Models Redefining What it Means to Look Like a “Ragel”

By: Hanya

I don’t think I’ll ever stop talking about women, and fighting for women and our right for opportunities that we choose ourselves, I’m even writing this article on Women’s Day. However, I’m also against oppression and restriction; I wish to liberate.

Today, I choose to write about young Egyptian Male Models completely changing the scene and breaking every single stereotype men have conformed to for as long as I can genuinely remember. Because unfortunately, toxic masculinity also unquestionably exists yet there is so little resistance to which I do honestly blame the “men” for. 

Consider this a loud round of applause to each of the very different and defying:

Mohamed El Sayed (@miduaspaanyy_)

Cairo-based Model and Content Creator Mohamed El Sayed is a name like any other you stumble upon, but definitely not like someone you’ve ever met. His entire aesthetic is attractive and gives Pinterest-vibes for days, which is super cool considering he’s male and all. That’s boldness if I’ve ever seen it.

Ismail El Masry (@ismailelmasry )

Like any student deciding to go to university abroad, Ismail was hella broke and needed to make money. So, he just decided to take a career path he enjoyed, consequences be damned. That’s just badass in every way, especially considering he was going against everyone around him, balancing a competitive major, life abroad, and all the other things that come with choosing a path that’s not exactly normal. Also, he’s gorj.

Youssef Scandar (@yousefscandar)

Egyptian-Lebanese teen-model Yousef Scandar is utterly unapologetic for the person that he is. “I don’t give a fuck” may just be underwhelming when it comes to describing this king. Dude mostly has blond hair, until he goes all mad and dyes it the same shade of blue his eyes are, or right back to black as he’s done recently. Youssef, I just need a quarter of your threatening confidence to be able to merely exist, ok?

Farouk El Gohary (@felgoharyofficial)

A loud, young, laid back, and tbh quite a charming pisces. I think Farouk is literally the Egyptian Prince Charming; his pictures are all colourful, fashionable (obviously), and the fact that he isn’t afraid to smile in most of them is extremely refreshing. Seems like a guy you’d wanna get to know more about and wouldn’t be intimidated by initiating conversation. Just look at him, ugh.

Salah Diaa (@salahdiaaa)

I dream of a picture snapped like yours please, your shades, and curls too. Scratch that I want everything that is you, but can you honestly fucking blame me? A model with a dragging demeanor and brilliance in how he shapes everything together, Salah has fearlessly opened up to the camera and media while looking like he just stepped off a runway with the confidence to match.

Mamdouh Saad (@ohpeii)

He models, freely, boldly, and he has this androgynous vibe like no other. With his bushy eyebrows and long hair that any girl would die to have if I’m being honest, well, he just lets it be – braids it one day, leaves it au naturel another, and rocks a moustache with it the next. His features are true to him and he amplifies it with his pictures. He’s not a guy you meet everyday, but definitely one you’d die to hang out with. He looks like a fierce samurai, no? Fun fact, Mamdouh also makes music and you can find him on SoundCloud if you’re interested in that.

I can’t lie, I’m holding myself back a bit too much whilst writing this because I’m desperately trying to remain professional and casual. But the Hanya writing this is squealing in fascination and is utterly mesmerized. Just go give them a follow, check them out, maybe stalk them even, you’ll get where I’m coming from.

And to each that I’ve listed, you’re a start, you’re a fucking powerhouse and you are kicking ass every time you post a picture that is undisputedly you – proudly.



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