6 Egyptian Cringe-Worthy Movies We Love Anyway + 30 More Listed!

By: Malak Hatem

It’s no secret that Egyptians weren’t the best at making movies at the start of the century. However, us finding pleasure in watching those movies is kind of a secret. As much as we make fun of these how movies were made, the actors’ exaggerated reactions and the utterly ridiculous scripts, these movies are now a vital part of our movie nights because they are just the funniest. Here is a list of some of our guilty pleasure/cringe-y movies:

Sehr el 3yon

Despite the very weird plot line and the weirder ending where they were suddenly talking about the Palestinian occupation without any apparent reason. Amer Mounib’s and Nelly Karim’s Sehr el 3eyoun is one of the funniest early 2000s movies that we still love to watch because who will ever forget Kaber’s “kan fe ablak makwagy” or Sasso’s “la2aaaaaaa”.

Hob El Banat

If I had to rank all of the movies on this list in from my most favoorite to least favorite, Hob El Banat will always be in the top 3. It was one of the first movies I fell in love with as a child. Everything about it makes me ecstatic. From the sight of young Ahmed Ezz saying “Nada de ahla haga fe donietchy” to Laila 3elwy’s “entchy alelet el adab” and of course the iconic “Hazem sooto helw awii ya anesa ghada”.

El Hob el Awal

Hany Ramzy’s Hassan has been and always will be the most relatable character on TV. Mostafa Amar’s “3aref leh? Ana law 3ayez a3eesh fl ganna, ana hatmanna a3eesh hawaleek” will always be one of the closest songs to my heart and I will never stop playing it on speakers and just singing my heart outa to it. This movie is my Egyptian Love, Rosie. I always go back to it, no matter how long I could go without watching it. 

El Hasa el Sab3a

Did you guys know this was Mekky’s graduation project? A film that was unappreciated in its own time. I had to wait like 10 years for this movie to be cool so I can use its efehaat in public without being embarrassed. This movie gave us our own Egyptian version of Janice, Heidy, one of life’s greatest blessings. It introduced us to Rania ElKurdy who later on sang Shayef Nafsak, a very common guilty pleasure in our generation. And lastly, I would just like to point out, in case you didn’t know, all those weirdly funny voices in the movie are all Mekky.

Kamel el Awsaf 

My love for Amer Mounib is unmeasurable. This movie is all kinds of cringe-y and cheesy and honestly just plain weird. I can’t explain the logic behind it being something I always go back to. But I know that Amer Mounib is a major contributing factor. The movie is light and full of cliches. And honestly who could ever hate a good ol’ love story about a guy trying to escape his father’s attempts to set him up for an arranged marriage but ends up falling in love with the girl in the end?

Omar w Salma 1

I have nothing to say about Omar w Salma except that it is seriously one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my life. The cringe-y love story and the fact that they made 2 even cringe-ier sequels aside, that movie is a classic. Every time we watch, we discover a new thing wrong with it but it’ll forever be an essential part of our movie nights. 

Need more? Here’s a quick list of 30 movies we may or may not be binge-watching this Thursday (since it’s officially a day off):

1. Amreeka sheka beka

2. 1/8 dastet ashrar

3.. Rehlet hob 

4. Harameya fe thailand

5. Harameya fe kg2

6. Taymour w shafeeqa

7. Kalem mama

8. Khalty faransa

9. Ellemby

10. Sahhar el layalee

11. Africano

12. Rasha garee2a

13. Aris mn geha amneya 

14. Short w fanela w cap

15. Asef 3al ezaag 

16. 1000 mabrook

17. El hayah montaha el lazza 

18. 60 deqeeqa 

19. Boha 

20. Sayed el aareffy 

21. Ahlam omrena 

22. Wara2et shafra

23. 3eyal 7abeeba 

24. Ghawy hob 

25. Bahebak wana kaman 

26. Helm el 3omr 

27. Hobbak nar

28. Ahla el aw2at 

29. Mn nazret 3ein 

30. Kamel el awsaf

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