5 Restaurant Quality Salads That You Can Easily Make at Home

By: Youssef Fekry

Hey TT Foodies, I put together a short list of restaurants salad recipes that I expect you all to know how to make after reading this. Whether you’re on a diet, bored of the salad your mom or cook makes at home, or just want to enjoy a healthy meal that fills up your karoosh, Fekry’s got you covered. Follow up bas w rakezo.


Every time I send a snap of Guac to my friend I get spammed with messages of “😍😍” , “omg I wanttt” or “where’d you get that from”. What’s sad is that it takes 7 minutes to make your very own guacamole at home. Click here for an easy recipe.

  1. Caprese in a bowl

This is not your ordinary Caprese that you order at a restaurant. I like to use the same delicious ingredients, add a base of oak leaf or romaine lettuce, and eat in a bowl. This is just a trick I use to get full (eating 3 slices of tomato and some cheese won’t make me full). You don’t really need a recipe, but, here you go.

  1. Quinoa Tabouli

I fell in love with this salad after trying it three years ago at a restaurant in Heliopolis (Battaw), and I’ve been making it at home every since. This salad (recipe) complements meals that include a lot of protein, one of my personal favorites.

  1. Taco salad

Very basic but essential, who doesn’t order a taco salad from Crave every now and then? You can easily (with maybe a couple of orders from your supermarket) make it at home, enjoy your salad and binge watch Sex Education at the same time! You might need this though.

  1. Cobb Salad

The best thing about a Cobb salad is the variety of textures and flavors that all complement each other in your mouth. It seems like a difficult dish to make, but it’s not anymore, just click here for a recipe!

Try the linked recipes and enjoy your salads at home in no time and on a low budget. Feel free to change or add anything the these recipes and make sure to share them all via IG stories using #TTFOOD. Enjoy!

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