8 Apps Every Student Needs to Download to Make Their Lives Easier

By: Zeina El Mofty

Needless to say, the struggle of being a student is very real. From the constant quizzes, assignments, and exams, to waking up early or pulling all-nighters. After tons of devoured Nescafe and a couple of breakdowns, I figured a compilation of apps every single student needs to make the student life more tolerable was in demand, so, here we are.  

1- ToDoist

Basically, it’s an app for your to-do list. You can schedule them, plan your week, set task priorities and finally earn achievement points the more tasks you complete. I’m guessing some of you would say they don’t like to plan their studying because they’d feel disappointed if they don’t stick to plan. Well, same bro. I still really like Todoist though and here’s why. When you set a plan, you feel that everything is doable, so you get this sense of calming reassurance which is very highly needed, even if you don’t stick to plan, you can always edit it. 

2- Uber/Careem

This is pretty obvious but I have to highlight how important these apps are. Uni/school, home, club, private tuition, the place you study at because home is too noisy…etc. Accessibility to all these places is hard as is, that’s why you should let Careem worry about that and subtract one more thing off the list of stressful things. Oh, another thing. Schedule rides. Why? To force yourself to go and go on time. 

3- Google Drive/Docs

Not everyone has the luxury of time and not everyone can resist procrastination, that’s why I highly recommend downloading this. This allows you to access and edit everything on the go. Whether it’s a spreadsheet, a word document or whatever, you can do it in the car, in a gap session, wherever and whenever instead of carrying around your Laptop or delaying doing whatever assignment you need to get done with the excuse that you “Don’t have your Laptop”. 

4- Quizlet

It’s smart to find alternative and easy ways to improve. Quizlet is an app that could help you improve your language or vocabulary through a series of easy and fun exercises. The same goes for: 5- Duolingo especially if you’re looking to enhance your knowledge of a foreign language. Both are highly recommended, and can also be used on the go. 

6- Canva

Onto my absolute favorite app. Canva is a Template treasure. This an app that makes creating post designs (for literally all social media platforms) a piece of cake. If you’re looking to make a creative and legitimate-looking post for yourself or an organization you’re representing or so. Canva, man? You can even use it to make designs for posters or project proposals or so. It’s super easy to use and makes your life so much easier.

7- CamScanner

As literal as it sounds, CamScanner allows you to scan a document and export it as a PDF, for example, in a single step. Just snap a pic! Again, saves you in all the last minute upload situations.

8- Plant Nanny

An extremely adorable app that reminds you to drink a healthy amount of water daily. STAY HYDRATED KIDS!!!

Aaaand that’s it for today, good luck my babies. 

Lemme know if you want a part two xx

2 thoughts on “8 Apps Every Student Needs to Download to Make Their Lives Easier

  1. ‘Timetable’ is also a fantastic app available on iPhone and iPad (not sure about Android). It’s the most simplistic and intuitive way to organize your schedule & stay on top of what classes u have next.


  2. Forest is also pretty damn good, but you’d have to pay for it on iOS. Basically, when you leave it open, trees start to grow and once you decide to switch from the app to do something, they all die out. The goal of this is to avoid you from getting distracted by your phone.


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