7 Facts You Didn’t Know About the Clitoris

By: Rawan Khalil

The clitoris is the sensitive, erectile genital organ found at the anterior end of the vulva. It’s densely packed with nerve endings- it’s one-eighth the size of a penis but has almost double the number of nerves and hence why the clitoris is the Grand Central of Orgasms and erotic sensation. Clitorises come in all shapes and sizes just like everything and there is no one type that fits all and well they’re all normal and beautiful. 

Here are 7 facts about the clitoris that you probably didn’t know unless you did some reading of your own.


If you read any article on the internet, or a book about the female body you ought to come across this simile. What we see from the clitoris is like the tip of iceberg, the head of glands that gets aroused, but there is so much more underneath the surface.


Both, the clitoris and the penis share the same biological origins however, meanwhile the clitoris has one function which is sensation, the penis has four: sensation, ejaculation, urination and penetration. So, basically the clitoris is only there for pleasure- making it the only body part with that sole purpose. Sadly, one in ten women have never orgasmed or find it hard to reach one and that’s probably because female sexuality has been so supressed and they’re barely taught about it other than the fact that it should cater to men’s sexuality. But ladies don’t let that stop you.


I have already touched on this, but anyways, the clitoris has 8,000 nerve ends which is double the number of nerve endings found in a penis. If we look at the clitoris- it’s made up of a mixture of muscles, nerves and erectile tissue which interact together to create sensual sensation and erotic pleausres- when having an orgasm. 


The clitoris doesn’t age and hence a female’s pleasure is not limited by growing up, however it could grow and change in size. When you hit puberty, the clitoris increases in size until puberty ends. It could grow even larger as you hit menopause, however these changes could go unnoticed as what we see of the clitoris is already really small to begin with. 


The clitoris can swell and increase in size as you orgasm. The corpora cavernosa otherwise known as the arms of the clitoris swell up when it’s erect and extend from towards the thighs to curling around your internal body.


Well, again both the clitoris and the penis share the same biological origins and in gender confirmation surgeries clits could be enlarged forming a penis, and vice versa.


Like any other organ in the human body, we are all different and so are our clits. Clits vary in shapes, size, some are more hidden than others. However, those differences are beyond physical appearance but also they vary in sensitivity, the needs for stimulation- which can vary from action, orientation and time.

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