5 Things That Can Help You Lose Weight Without Exhausting Yourself

By: Malak Atwa

Disclaimer: Dieting shouldn’t be done only for the sake of weightloss, it’s the #1 cause of eating disorders, so remember to be careful and listen to your body.

It is scientifically proven that our bodies tend to gain a few more kilos during winter as a survival mechanism to help us get through the colder months easily, but as we’re nearing the end of winter and approaching summer – abruptly might I add thanks to climate change – everyone is coming out of their hibernation to start dieting and exercising and working hard to develop their “summer body”. To me personally, there is no such thing as a summer body, all bodies are summer bodies. However, if you do want to lose some weight – for yourself, and yourself only – here are a few things that might help you!


Weight loss is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. That, however, doesn’t mean that you should go and starve yourself. Weight-loss doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process, it takes time, energy and consistency – you need to pace yourself. When you’re thinking about losing weight, think about the quality of the quantity. Eating foods that are easily digestible, warm and cooked helps lose weight long term, not just for the summer.


This sort of goes hand in hand in nutrition. Protein is the number 1 way in which our body gets energy, it’s also key in satisfying your hunger and cravings too. This will not only help you in losing weight and nourishing your body, but it will also give you energy, thus making you less irritable and fatigued when or if you are dieting. Make sure to incorporate even a little bit of protein in each meal you have throughout the day. 


Believe it or not, stress is the number 1 cause of weight gain and weight fluctuation in general. I myself actually am a stress eater, so I do find myself gaining weight during exam season and whenever I’m stressed out about anything. It’s really important to relax and try as hard as you can to not overthink things too much. Whenever you find yourself a little stressed out, have a day all to yourself, take a bath, read a book, whatever relaxes you, just do it. Again, incorporate a day, just to yourself to de-stress, into your schedule and try to not let yourself reach that point or that breakthrough. 


Staying hydrated is one of the most important things literally ever. There are so many things that you can fix in your life and that you can avoid just by drinking half a gallon – 8-ounce glasses/2 liters – of water per day. We often confuse hunger with dehydration, by drinking water and staying hydrated you are increasing your metabolic rate by at least 30%, which supports not only digestion but your energy levels too. You can improve your skin, your hair, your nails, not even that, but drinking water also helps with headaches, fatigue which is crucial when you’re dieting and exercising your body gets very tired and sore, staying hydrated is very important especially if you’re trying to lose weight.


Getting enough sleep – believe it or not – actually helps you lose weight. Sleep restriction affects your metabolism in a way that makes it easier for you to gain weight rather than lose it. Sleeping less than 5 hours a night actually increases your chances of obesity by 40%, not weight gain, no, but obesity. So, make sure that you get at least 8 hours of sleep per night.

At the end of the day, I think it’s really important to remember that everybody is beautiful and that you don’t need this, however, if weight loss is something that you want then I hope this helps you. 

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