6 Love and Sex Education Podcasts All of Us Need to Listen To

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Love and sex are both very natural things that need to be talked about more often, but unfortunately – especially here in Egypt – it’s not. Lack of sex ed and just general knowledge about very simple and juvenile things about these topics have been tossed around for ages and information has been “altered” to fit the likings of people (read: our uneducated ancestors). If you want to brush up on some educational and correct information about love and have all your sex questions answered educationally but also without being boring, than here are some podcasts you might want to check out:

1. 7 Minutes in Heaven

Hosted by Arielle Kaplan and Miryam Jivotovski, this podcast discusses all about sex news with a new podcast realesed every Monday.

2. This is Why You’re Single

“Dating advice show junkies should find a place among the best for Lane and Spera’s growing, modern millennial voice.” The best podcast to improve and help your love life. Laura and Angela – the hosts of ‘This is why you’re single’ – candidly breakdown real-life dating disasters, discuss dating news and studies. The podcast seeks to empower people who are single and in relationships through their own – the hosts- embarrassing stories and self-deprecating sense of humor. It is an inclusive platform for people across the dating spectrum. 

3. U Up?

Presented by ‘Betches’ co-founder Jordana Abraham and Jared Freid, they discuss their take on the ebbs and flows of the wild and crazy dating world that we live in today. From interpreting dating app interactions and weird sexual encounters, to defining the relationship and really everything between. They’re to make sure that you don’t die alone.

4. The Science of Sex 

Professor of human sexuality, Dr Zhana, and comedian Joe Pardavila, sit down each week and talk about a new and different research about sex. They raise issues that make you think about sex in a new light. With the good and the bad, sex life is complex and you can always learn new things, they get into the little details that matter, but still keep it fun. They talk about the latest information on anything and everything that has to do with it. The Science of Sex podcast is a great resource for people who want to learn more about sex science but don’t have the time, money, or patience to do so.

5. F**ks Given

Presented by Come Curious – change makers in the sex and body positive space- present an honest and candid exploration of their guests’ sexual history. They aim to open up the conversation around our sexual past. Each episode is an uncensored look at what’s gone on beneath the sheets, with a variety of guests in a bid to break the stigma around sexual histories and specifically the ‘number’ taboo.

6. Savage Lovecast

Dan Savage is an author, a sex-advice columnist, a podcaster, a pundit, and a public speaker. Savage Lovecast is a weekly call-in podcast where Dan Savage answers all of your sex questions and talks about politics too. It’s entertaining, fun, and educational without being ugh.

Love and sex are such amazing topics, it’s a shame that there is so little positive content out there. Don’t be ashamed to break the stigma, yeah?

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