You Don’t Have to Go to Prom If You Don’t Want to – Here are Some Things to Do Instead

By: Rawan Khalil

Prom- your senior year’s rite of passage and coming of age. The night packed with pretty dresses and expensive suits, too much dancing that your feet hurt and most probably shit catering that you eat because you’re too hungry from all the dancing. It’s a night which you will probably label as a night to remember

Despite that, planning for prom is exhausting and stressful because of all the things associated with Prom. It’s not a look-good-and-have-fun type of night, instead there are prerequisites which include: find a date, find a dress, book a hair appointment, get your nails done, find a group of friends to tag along with, find a limo to take you to prom, plan an after party and so much more. 

Those who abstain from going to prom are questioned by those going to prom as to why they aren’t going as if it’s some absurd decision. I plead guilty- I did that. Now, if you are one of those people read the last paragraph again and it will kind of make sense. There is so much associated with prom. It’s an overhyped, overpriced school dance but it’s so much fun. However, going or not going to prom should not make or break your highschool experience. 

Sidenote: I feel like the biggest hypocrite writing this because I tried to guilt shame my best friend into going again this year.

Now, let’s say you’ve made your decision to not go to prom here are some alternative ideas to make it your: “Night to remember” or just a night. 

Go To a Fancy Restaurant

Go with your close friends to a fancy restaurant, and spend the prom ticket money on some fine dine steak. Trust me you will be saving so much money from the dress to the shoes so don’t feel guilty.

Go On a Camping Trip

Spend the weekend in the desert with some of your friends, and here you will be spending three days instead of the prom one night. (I feel like I am selling a hotel room)

Prom Dress Bowling 

Personally, I love this one despite finding out two days ago that I suck at bowling. Anyways, dress up in some fancy dress/suits and go to a bowling center. Or, you could go to an arcade, feel redicolour about how fancy you look and have too much because that’s a thing. 

You can pretty much apply the prom dress activity template to anything you want. 

Go To an Amusement Park

Amusement park’s sole purpose is fulfilling human happiness so quite naturally they can be a fantastic alternative to ditching prom. So, pack your adrenaline and enjoy some roller coasters and fill your body with it’s beloved deep-fried goodness from the snack carts.


Go to the movies with a couple of friends/family or even better, dim the lights in your house and have a movie marathon. Buy as many snacks as you desire and watch movies until you pass out on the couch. 


Wear something that makes you look fabulous and go out with a couple of friends. Take as many photos as you want and cherish that day because a few crazy things will probably happen. 


Rawan x 

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