37 Ways People Show You They Love You Without Actually Saying ‘I Love You’

By: Hanya

Because not everyone has the mental capacity or proximity to be able to say “I love you.” Openly and vulnerably. Because not everyone is as liberated as you are and because human intimacy is hard. Here’s a list of small ways you can truly show the person you that you love them, without having to say it.

Tea time and tea prep.

Warm tea or coffee on a cold February morning by the window or on the street.

“I’ve got food and I’m on my way to yours.”

Thursdays are for us, even when we’re swamped and busy.

A dedicated day.

Random back rubbing.

“I made this playlist for you baby.”

Cooking/Baking for you.

Massages, sometimes.

“Here have my piece of pie I never really wanted it.”

Even when it was that one last piece of pie and they actually wanted it. 

Good morning and Good night texts everyday.

“I wish I could make it better for you.”

Helping out with chores.


Comfortable silence over lunch.

Taking time out of your day for conversations.

“Text me when you get home, safely.”

This _____ made me think of you.

Remembering your mindless rambles.

“We’ll get through this,  together.”

Calling you baby, sometimes.

Writing a tiny note with just “hi” on it.

Cleaning your back after you’ve been leaning on a wall.

Offering to help you out.

Asking you to go to bed when you’re tired.

“Do you want this?”

Chocolates when you’re on your period.

Buying you a book or a mug.

Reminding you to reapply sunscreen.

DM-ing relatable memes, randomly.

Putting the phones away to just sit alone.

Actual human intimacy with effective communication.

“Are you okay?”

Checking up on you every now and then.

Waiting to watch that one movie/show together.


Opening up. 

Working on understanding you.

Giving you space when you need it.

Just the effort.

These are all beautiful and indirect variants of “I love you,” its never just words. Think of it for a while and I hope you find love throughout every step that you take.

With all the love in me,

Hanya xx

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