4 Ridiculous Things Girls Aren’t Really “Allowed” To Do

By: Malak Atwa

Disclaimer: this is a big fuck you to all of the misogynists out there. 

“Women are fragile and vulnerable creatures. They’re too sensitive and too hormonal. They think they’re always right, but they don’t know anything about anything. They belong in the kitchen, that’s what god intended.” 

Girls can’t wear clothes.

For some odd reason; whenever a girl wears something, literally any article of clothing, she gets sexually assaulted, harassed, and even r*ped at times. Not only that, but it’s also considered our own fault somehow? It really boggles my mind when a woman, with a niqab, walking down the street gets harassed. How is it her fault? How dare you have the audacity to tell a woman that it’s her fault when something like that happens to her? It’s so beyond ridiculous. It is never a girl’s fault for being harassed, assaulted, or r*ped. No matter what clothes she has on her back. It’s never her fault.

Girls can’t walk, anywhere, anytime. 

True story: I was going to the gym, in broad daylight, wearing sweatpants, a sweatshirt, and a cap, my hair in a bun – not that my clothes or appearance are relevant at all, but just for context – and I got cat called. In broad daylight, a sixteen year old girl, going to the gym. Imagine at night going out what that must be like. We are literally never safe. Everywhere we go things like this happens, it’s ridiculous. We are actual children and we experience this as kids and as we get older this progresses and just becomes worse. It doesn’t matter if it’s 9 in the morning, or 9 at night, it’s always unsafe. You need to constantly be aware of your surroundings, you need to share your live location to your mama everywhere you are in fear of death, and no, I’m not exaggerating the slightest bit. 

Girls can’t talk.

If I talk about or share my personal opinions or thoughts about any serious political, societal, religious, financial issue, literally anything; I am never taken seriously. I’m always responded with “ergaay aala el matbakh” as if that’s where I belong as a woman. I – as any other human being of any race, culture or religion – have every right to speak about whatever the hell I damn well please. You can not expect me to sit still, look pretty and shut my mouth. I will speak clear and loud every single chance I get. I’ll make chances to speak and you will listen. And no, I won’t go back to the kitchen, but you can fuck off.

Girls can’t be world leaders.

This is just honest to god bullshit right here. Like, do I actually need to discuss this? Well, I will keda keda. Girls think with their brains. They are capable of being logical, and rational. They can’t choose a restaurant to have dinner (that’s a human thing, some people can be indecisive) but they can end poverty hands down. They’re calm, believe it or not. They’re not motivated by pettiness or violence, they won’t send airstrikes whenever they feel like it to Iran or any other country. They are more wise, they are more mature. They are not toxic, corrupt, manipulative, controlling because they’re not power-drunk and most importantly they don’t have the fragile male ego that most world leaders today possess. So yes, girls are definitely capable of being world leaders.

“Dear Everyone, This moment is a movement

For every girl to reclaim her place, win every race

For everyone out there, listen in

The system is in demolition, grab ahold of your voice

It’s time to make a choice

To believe survivors

To pay us all the same

To give women of color equal access and opportunity To care about the safety of girls every day

Make the choice to change the climate

Make the choice to not be silent

This is not the day of the girl

This is the future of girls” – Aija Mayrock 11 Oct. ‘18

To all women, everywhere: be there for your sisters in need, stand up for what you truly believe in, prove to the world that you belong in conference rooms, not the kitchen (unless that’s genuinely where you want to be). Your voice matters, and it will be heard, all you have to do is speak up, dammit.

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