Ugh, I’m So Sick of People I Decided On a People-Break, So Should You Actually

By: Amina Farouk

First of all, it’s not as bad as you think it is. It’s actually healthy.

When the people around you don’t understand you anymore, be alone. Listen to your own voice away from their noise. Remember who you were before they imposed their lifestyles, opinions, and thoughts on you. Remember who you were before you met them or integrated yourself with them. Recharge your mind and your heart away from their energies. This is the time to be selfish. This is the time to ask for space. This is the time to find yourself again before you lose yourself in the crowd. Don’t wait until you no longer recognize who you are.

Escaping for a while allows us to take that weight off our shoulders and slow down our pace. Nevertheless, the problem is that disconnecting yourself from everything can be hard.

All of society’s expectations are unrealistic and disproportionate. They’re the result of an increasingly consumerist and selfish society, where the only thing that seems to matter is our ability to produce. If we produce more, we’re worth more. In contrast, if we produce less, we’re worth less. It’s that simple.

How many times have we told someone to give us a moment? Dozens, maybe hundreds of times! There are so many demands that we sometimes have to say “enough!” and take a moment to breathe.

You urgently need to disconnect yourself from everything. However, this can be very difficult. Your mom says something to you, then your dad, friends, colleagues, classmates and so on.

When did we substitute busyness for real living? A majority of people out there go through their lives numb, not connecting with the people around them, not enjoying their lives. They simply exist, floating through life. I call them “the living dead” because they’ve allowed so many parts of themselves to die: passion, energy, connection, joy.

They settle for a life of greasy food, distracting entertainment, and the accumulation of possessions.

It’s not enough.

If you suspect that you might be one of the living dead, start examining your life. Do you connect with people, or do you just gloss over everyday interactions? Do you notice interesting and beautiful things about life, or do you go through your day like you are a machine, operating on force of habit and routine?

When was the last time you truly forgot your busy day in the pleasure of a conversation with someone you didn’t know?

Reach out to people. Ask them their names. Make a connection. Forget about your busy day, if only for a second, and try to validate someone else.

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