Shooting Your Shot on Valentine’s Day – A Guide

By: Renad

It’s about time we stop fearing rejection and just shooting our shot and since valentine’s day is just around the corner (ehem, tomorrow), I suggest you gather the courage and just go for it now. 

Step 1: Pep talk

If you’re thinking about shooting your shot then you probably know who you’re asking out whether it’s someone you’ve been crushing on for a couple of weeks now or a friend you’ve had for several years. In both cases, I think if you’re thinking about taking a major step and asking them out, so it’s probably been on your mind for a while. That also means that there’s no going back since I’m about to give you the pep talk you need. 

Go for it, you deserve to know what it would be like to be with someone you like or even just asking them out. At least you’ll know you had the courage to do it. You can do it; you have a strong personality and don’t let something as little as being rejected by a crush bring you down because it most definitely shouldn’t. Nothing horrible will come out of this and deep down you know it so stop overthinking the consequences and just go for it! 

Step 2: Don’t stress over being rejected 

Rejection is common and no matter how much you keep avoiding it it’ll still happen whether you’re asking your crush out, applying for a job or applying for an extra-curricular. Stop avoiding situations and start taking matters into your own hand. The worst that could happen is they’ll be very flattered and let you down easy. If something more happens or if they start rubbing it in your face you should be ecstatic that they said no. You deserve better. 

Step 3: Stop putting it off 

The more you wait the more reasons you give yourself to not do it, it’s just how our brains work. Take a final decision that on the 14th of February you will make your way over to your crush and pop the question. No postponing, no thinking about it more than that. You have the perfect opportunity and we both know you’ll regret missing it. 

Step 4: Try being specific 

When popping the question mention what you have planned. All you’re asking for is a date so prepare something cute. A little valentine’s gift, reservations in their favorite place or their favorite candy and a cute card. Having something cute planned out will be the cherry you need on top, after all, it’s just a date on a lovey dovey day. A cute and very simple idea is your way to go. 

Step 5: Know the basics

So, most of what I’m about to say are hagat badeeheya. When you’re asking them try doing it in person and please don’t do it when you’re with other people, make sure its just you two alone. Doing it in front of people won’t make it any easier for both of you, believe me. Another very important thing is to respect their ‘no.’ which is something I’ll get to in a bit. Lastly, don’t make a big deal out of it in your head, just know that its just a simple gesture even if in your head it seems huge.

Step 6: Don’t be hard on yourself if they say no

It’s not the end of the world nor is it the end of your love life and you know that so don’t stress out if they say no. Just say it’s no problem because it shouldn’t be one. It’s not the last crush you’ll have, and it shouldn’t be the last time you shoot your shot. Oh and please if they do say no, don’t think badly of them, it’s okay if they say no because trust me if they don’t feel anything towards you and they say yes and lead you on you’ll end up feeling way worse than a being rejected in the beginning.

This has to be it, it’s now time for you to start planning you date and gather your thoughts to ask your crush out. No overthinking and no going back. You can do this!  

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