Running Late and Haven’t Bought Her a Gift Yet? This Gift Guide Will Help, Trust Me

By: Jana Elhini

As Valentine’s Day approaches, the yearly anxiety of “what the hell will I get her?” begins. Dealing with the thoughts of “what if she doesn’t like it?” makes everything even worse. First thought that comes to your mind is a picture frame with your picture together inside, but you start thinking “Is this too cheap? Should I buy her something else?” Which is why I compiled this list of gift ideas that’ll make her feel like the luckiest girl on earth! Cupid won’t regret shooting his arrows at you guys! 

1. Polaroids

Polaroids are basically an ongoing trend, so go grab one! 

Also, you can buy polaroids that come with a photo album and a frame from souq or jumia.

2. Personalized necklace

Get her a necklace that has your initials or maybe your names. You can also engrave your anniversary date!

3. Photo album

Buy her a photo album and put in some of your favorite pictures together 

4. Oversized hoodie, blankets, or just comfy pjs

Buy her an oversized hoodie from wherever you get your hoodies, and trust me.. she’ll love it. Or you can just buy her some comfy pjs! Try Oysho for the pjs, they sell super soft pjs. Check out Zara home for the blankets.

5. A simple bag

You can never go wrong with a bag! Check out Palma for some super cute bags. Check Zara and Top Shop as well, oh and Adidas for backpacks and fanny packs!

6. Skin Care Box

Lots and lots of skin care stores offer this, check out The Body Shop and Urban Ducks. You can also buy a few products from different stores, buy a box, and that’s that.

7. Mini makeup kit

Buy her a few makeup necessities from her favorite make up brands and I’m telling you, she’ll love it!

8. Box of chocolate, maybe roses as well

Buy her a box with her favorite chocolates inside, you can check out @treaters_eg for the chocolates. As for the roses, pass by your local flower shop and buy her a bouquet of her favorite flowers, or just good old roses!

9. A perfume 

I know I’d like this one especially since my favorite perfume is about to run out! Go buy her a perfume, preferably her favorite one. If she doesn’t have a favorite, check out Zara, The Body Shop, or you can go big and buy her Sì by Giorgio Armani. Whatever floats your boat! 

10. A mini love notebook!

This one is for the romantics! Buy a cute notebook (check out virgin megastore) and write down every single thing you love about her. From the way she speaks to the way she tucks her hair behind her ear when she’s shy, etc. 

11. Jar of Love 

Buy a mason jar, or any jar, and write down little notes that’ll make her smile, or memories that you guys share. Perhaps a certain date that means a lot to you both. It’s basically a jar that’ll make her smile.

12. A Date night bucket list 

Write down a bunch of date ideas that you’re willing to do and you know she’s willing to do so that when you’re going on a date, you can pick one randomly! 

13. Books

If she’s a bookworm, try buying her some books that’ll suit her taste. Check out Virgin or El Shorouq bookstore, there’s also Diwan and Aleph. 

14. A personalized mug!

nothing is as cute or as simple as a personalized mug, it’ll be an ever present gentle reminder of you and your love. 

15. A tote bag or reusable straws!

Check out Urban Earthlings for both – or, omg, UNTY

16. Throw pillows

Check out Zara home for super aesthetic throw pillows, every girl needs those to smother herself in, seriously. 

And remember, it’s about quality not quantity.

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