14 Things You Need To Do With Your Dof3a Before You Graduate High School

By: Malak Ezz

1. Do a senior prank:

Your senior year wouldn’t be your senior year if you don’t pull a stunt that may or may not get you suspended.

2. Ditch day:

We all just have that day where we decide to just not go to school, so why not make it a things and do a fun activity with your dof3a?

3. Make a time capsule:

I know it sounds corny, but just trust me and thank me later 😉

4. Take lots and lots of pics:

When you’re older you’re gonna keep scrolling through your phone or photo album, remembering that trip or outing you went to 5 years ago, so don’t make yourself regret not having taken enough pictures.

5. Ask your crush out:

Who knows? It may actually work out for once.

6. Pull an all-nighter at school:

Just pick the chillest teachers and bam, memories you’ll never forget.

7. Travel with your shella:

It doesn’t matter if it’s abroad or in marsa matruh. As long as you’re with the right people, you’re gonna have a blast wherever you go.

8. Go to a concert:

It’s not just dusty and sweaty there you know. It’s a really fun thing to go to with a small circle of friends, especially if you know some of the songs.

9. Sleepover:

The more random, the better. It’s a great way to get closer to your usually more distant friends!

10. Learn new hobbies:

This one may sounds boring, but you’ll appreciate having learned useful skills (like sewing or cooking) when you’re older and barely have time to eat and drink.

11. Make a senior year playlist:

Having a list of your most played songs will certainly bring back memories.

12. Get matching tattoos (or henna) with your besties:

Seal your friendship for the years to come, where you may or may not see each other a lot, in ink.

13. Learn how to drive:

Although you don’t need a checklist for that, learning how to drive will be one of the first steps into “adulthood” and you’ll certainly enjoy it.

14. Create a collage or picture pinboard:

It’s a fun way to lay out all the memories you’ve made over the years!

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