How to Avoid Drama – A Guide to Being Bared/Barda

By: Lana Hazem

Oouuf it’s been a while guys.. good to be back. 

For those of you newbies who have no clue who I am, hi, I’m Lana, I was a writer for @teenntimes when we first launched, took a break, now I’m back so get ready for this. 

During my years on this planet I have learned something the hard way and that is, el raha el nafseya elly begad eny ab2a barda w gayba shalal le kol el nas. Walahy it’s the best thing ever, engaging yourself too deeply into “hewarat” will only get you into more hewarat fa balash waga3 demagh wenaby kefaya. 

Your 1st step to being barda is to not give too much info about yourself to people who you just got to know, msh lazem mohamed el ma3aki fel tamrin w malak el bto3od gambek fel lecture ye3rafo tareekh hayatek begd haga malhash lazma. You never know what goes around, w dah eh elakto bi being barda? It helps you avoid major hewarat later on. 

Second thing to do is to not getting excited when someone tells you something yaani el howa “eh dah begad allah” or “eh dah begad maalesh”. Don’t talk too much, don’t gossip, don’t do anything, TRUST ME, if you keep your mouth shut you will avoid so much unnecessary drama in your life which will lead you to having a peaceful existence with minimal disturbances – if that’s what you want yaani. However, if you’re up for the drama, by all means go ahead. 

Fi keda a specific type of people el homa they just can’t not talk about something or someone w el howa hayathom kolaha khena2at w hewarat w balawi – nasee7a, when you see these people, run. 

Leh run? 3ashan, law you’re trying to be barda or bared this goes both ways btw, they’re going to realize that, and they will probably go talk shit behind your back, howa keda keda their opinion doesn’t matter fel zebala honestly bas bardo why tarnish your name? aaand put yourself in unnecessary drama bardo. 

Take some time off for yourself because even if you think you don’t need it, you probably do. Msh lazem kol weekend neb2a barra, it’s not an obligation if you don’t want to, sometimes it’s good for the soul to just order/cook some good food and binge watch any show on Netflix while you’re wrapped up in your blanket, this is honestly an ideal weekend for me, just saying. 

Having time with yourself in general just makes you feel so content with yourself, like you start gaining this self-love w you realize en you don’t need people around you to be happy all the time or to have fun. 

This article was a bit different than what I usually wrote, like I’m not making fun of something this time because this is actually a really important thing. 

We all need inner peace and we need to cut off the negativity in our lives even if these people are close to us, it really does make a difference. 

talk later guys,


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