15 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him – From the Classic to the Creative

By: Mariam Abdelrazek

Presents are a hassle as is – choosing a present for someone you love? yikes. It has to be perfect; as in affordable but doesn’t look cheap, suitable for the occasion and it also has to be something that the person will actually like and symbolizes something important for them.

Valentine’s day takes this struggle to a whole other level because, first of all, February means winter break is over, new years is over, spring break isn’t here yet and we’re basically more broke than ever. Anyways, back to the point, if you’re looking for the perfect valentine’s day gifts for your special guy, read on. 

1. A shirt with their favorite band is always a great option

You’ll find many of those at Pull and Bear and Topshop, sometimes Zara and Bershka have these too. You can also always personalize a t-shirt if you can’t find something that suits them in any of these shops and there’s literally a small booth in any mall that does that. 

2. Socks are also a cute little gift

One that won’t make your wallet scream in agony and you’ll find them anywhere you go, they’re available literally everywhere. You can et them online from @in.your.shoe or in any store like H&M, Pull and Bear and Topshop. 

3. Wallets

I don’t think I need to guide you on this one, they’re literally everywhere from Adidas to Gucci, there are even a couple of cute local brands that make ’em.

4. Watches

They’re definitely a lifesaver if you’re not broke to the joint and they’re sold everywhere, same as wallets. However, a local brand twist would be a @beikandmoll

5. Perfumes

Our go-to gift if we don’t have anything on mind and they’re legit always on point, like how can anyone not like perfumes? If you want to stay on the safe side, perfumes are your way to go. 

6. Roses and Chocolates

This is very cliché but has to be listed because they’re literally the symbol of valentine’s day. Maybe one of these big teddy bears too. They’re basic but they work. 

7. If they’re into music, you can get them a vinyl record player

They’re easiest to get online, but also, a tiny shop hunt in West El Balad or Zamalek will definitely yield results, both in a vinyl record player and super vintage vinyls.

8. Video Games?

Video Games. How many teen boys do we know that don’t play video games? little to none. Just hit Virgin up at your closest mall and you’re good to go.

9. Non-material “Little Things”

There’s also always this Pinterest-y kind of gifts where you can a get a bit more creative. You can create photo album with all your memories or you can put ‘reasons why you love him’ in a jar or ‘songs that remind you of them’ or ‘goals that you want to achieve together’ 

10. You can also personalize a mug from Cow or something.

11. Split heart keychain or necklace?

The ones you find at mall booths are kinda ya3, but it’s not too late to jump to the nearest jeweler and get them done in silver just in time for V-Day.

12. Skateboard

They’re cool. That’s it. They’re cool, so they’ll make a cool gift.

13. LED Lights?

Since they’re becoming a thing right now, this COULD be a good idea, depends on how you play with them. Tuck them into an empty bottle maybe and it becomes a lamp? Idk.

14. Cuff Links

Let’s hope you’re not too broke because local brand @huwadesign literally has the best cufflinks a man can ask for.

15. Belt

Still a classic gift, also if you’re not too broke (or rather, not broke at all). You’ll have to hit up Tommy Hilfiger and Armani, you know, those kinda shops.

I just want to say that you don’t have to get them a present or something monetary for Valentine’s, you can just surprise them with a dinner or movie night or sing them a song if you have a nice voice. It can be just a simple date. Anything works really it doesn’t have to be a present to make him feel happy or loved. I’d like to think the closer and more personal a gift, the better anyway.

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