5 Female International Music Artists With Arab Roots You Knew Little About

By: Jana Shorbagy

We’re all familiar with every single international artist either female or male, were also familiar with some of the OG arab queens like, Asala, Myriam Fares, Elissa, and Nancy Ajram for example. However, there are some pretty cool young, originally arab, female music artists on the rise internationally, and while only parts of their songs are in arabic, their music is interdisciplinary and amazing to listen to. The whole euro-arab and/or us-arab fusion is out of this world, each artist on this list is worth a listen, for real.

1- Faouzia

Canadian-Moroccan (19 year old) singer and song writer – also rift queen, Faouzia. She was born in Casablanca but later moved with her family to Manitoba, Canada. She started out on YouTube pretty young, writing and performing her own songs before she got signed and went viral about 8 months ago via her Beyoncé rift and the subsequent singing sesh with James Charles. She recently released her newest (and tbh, best) song – The Road.

Some of her best songs include:
– You Don’t Even Know Me
– Tears of Gold
– Born Without a Heart

2- Lolo Zouai

The brilliant woman behind the track Desert Rose, she’s the only music artist that can literally transport you to another world – Lolo Zouai. The 23 year old is Algerian-French and is both a singer and songwriter, she’s had a passion for singing since she was about six, belting out Christina Aguilera songs. She was born in Paris but later moved to San Francisco, where her taste in music truly developed to appreciate 90s R&B and West Coast hip-hop.

Some of her best songs include:
– Moi
– Caffeine
– High Highs to Low Lows

3- Dounia

Dounia started out as a body positivity activist, in no time, she became one of the best and most well known plus size models right alongside Euphoria star Barbie Ferreira. About 3 years ago, Dounia released her first track East Coast Hiding and it quickly became an underground hit. She focused more on her music career. She’s sure to wow you with her amazing tracks and the energy she emenates. She’s dabbles in a few genres including alternative R&B (a personal fav), Rhythm and Blues, Hip Hop, Pop, and Soul. Is there anything she can’t do? the answer is: nope.

Some of her best songs include:
– Avant-Garde
– So Cool
– How I See It

4- Wafia

She’s a star on the rise. This Syrian-Iraqi was born in the Netherlands but now she’s all about Australia. She started writing songs to escape the reality of her biomedicine degree, which resulted in her first released track and biggest hit – Let Me Love You. She has even made an appearance at Coachella.

Some of her best songs include:
– Heartburn
– Hurts
– I’m Good

5- Elyanna

Elyanna is an 18 year old Palestinian singer based in California, USA. It is said that she started singing at the tender age of 7. She does english covers but mostly releases arabic music. She released her first song “Oululee Leh” around this time last year and has since took off to create a couple more hit songs, she also released her first album just a couple of weeks ago.

Some of her best songs include:
– Shee
– Oululee Leh
– I’m Good

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