10 Creative & Super Cute Promposal Ideas We’re Dying to See (or Experience tbh)

By: Renad

Prom season is approaching very soon therefore it’s time we start planning our promposals! After asking a couple of my friends, watching YouTube videos and scrolling through Pinterest, I’m here to give you a couple of ideas, ones that you may personalize to fit whoever you’re asking out to prom. 

  1. Cloth bracelet 

You can print ‘Prom?’ on one of those cloth bracelets, plan a cute breakfast or lunch and give it to them. You can add your names or the date of the prom on the bracelet as it’ll be a memory they can hold on to. Simple but cute. 

  1. TV show references

If whoever you’re asking is into a certain TV show you can buy a cardboard and write a joke related to the show they like, you can also print characters from the show and stick them on the cardboard for decorations. 

– Friends:

‘Will you be my lobster and go to prom with me?’ 

if they’re just a friend you can write ‘I know we’re just friends but can this be the one where we go to prom together?’. 

– The Office: 

‘FACT: Nothing beets going to prom with you’. 

‘You don’t have a prom date? FALSE. You do now.’ 

– How I Met Your Mother 

‘Will you make prom LEGEN wait for it DARY by going with me?’ 

‘Will you suit up and go to prom with me?’ 

– Stranger Things 

‘Would it be strange if I asked you to go to prom with me?’ and write the word strange using stranger things’ design and font.

– Rick & Morty

‘Let’s get schwifty and go to prom together’ 

  1. T-shirt and meme

Buy a plain shirt and print a meme you both like or one that has something to with prom and pop the question. You can also replace the meme with an inside joke, and you got yourself a cute and funny promposal. 

  1. Picture Frame 

Get a cardboard and cut out the inside part so it looks like a polaroid when you hold it up to your faces and write ‘Can you picture us at prom together?’. You can also print cute or funny pictures of you two together and decorate the board with them. 

  1. Throw the ball 

If whoever you’re asking to prom likes a sport that involves a ball you can buy one and write ‘PROM?’ on it and give it to them. You can add a nice card or even cardboard with something cute written on it like ‘let’s ball it up at prom.’ or ‘it’s my goal to take you to prom.’ 

  1. Helium Balloons 

You can buy helium balloons that spell out ‘PROM?’ or you just one ‘P’ balloon and prepare a cute cardboard/card to go with it. You can throw in a candy bar they like and you can have someone take a cute polaroid picture of you two with the balloon(s) and give it to them as a memory. 

  1. Game controller 

If the guy or girl you’re promposing to are into video games, you can make a cutout of a game controller and write ‘Will you stop playing games and go to prom with me?’. You can also replace the Y, B, X & A letters on the controller with P, R, O &. M. 

  1. Shopping trip 

This one was my best friend’s idea and it’s just adorable and very much creative. You can plan a mini shopping trip and walk into their favorite store, while they’re looking around you can ask the cashier if you can speak into the mic they have and say something like ‘[THEIR NAME], will you please head to the cashier as [YOUR NAME] would like to take you to prom?’. You can also buy them a little gift from that store. Just make sure that the store has a sound system, a mic and will allow you to speak into it. 

  1. Box of roses 

This one is very romantic and may come in handy if you’re asking your girlfriend/boyfriend to prom. Buy a plain box and fill it up with red roses (or any type of flowers they like), throw in a couple of their favorite candy bars and have a card with ‘PROM?’ written on it inside. It’s very simple but lovey-dovey. 

  1. Food 

Food has to be the best gift for most of us so you can buy donuts that spell out ‘PROM?’, a pizza and pop the question on the box, a box of chicken wings with a cute card or if you’re feeling fancy, take them out for a nice meal and have the waiter bring you a dessert and drizzle ‘PROM?’ with any type of sauce you prefer. 

These are all the ideas I have for you; I really hope they helped even if by sparking a different idea. Oh, and it’s about time you stop fearing rejection and pop the question, don’t just disregard it, you’ll end up missing out. All the promposal preparations are worth it. And girls, you don’t have to wait for him to ask you, if you wanna go to prom with one of your friends or a guy you like, go ahead and ask him yourself!

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