My Girlfriend Expects Me to Be Her Emotional Tampon – A3mel Eh?

By: Mariam Abdelrazek

When it comes to feelings, things get complicated, to say the least. Like, you have all these emotions that you just can’t keep locked in but, at the same time, you can’t just go around pouring out your heart’s content to just about anyone. However, that’s completely normal because emotions are keys to the soul and keys are only left with those who can be trusted enough to guard them. However, when this key turns into a bag full of keys, things tend to get a bit overwhelming and out of hand. The thing is, when things do get out of hand and they most probably will, what the hell am I supposed to do?

When I said people who can be trusted enough to guard out emotions, your thoughts were probably directed into four types of people…parents, siblings, best-friends and boyfriends/girlfriends and since we’re mostly teenagers – I’m sorry – Egyptian teenagers, parents and siblings are probably the least trusted out of all four categories so the priority goes to best-friend or significant other. 

So, according to modern-day stereotypes, us girls are hormonal and moody as hell – and that’s fine because that’s kind of true. We’re also very emotional and when we finally find someone that we can feel comfortable enough to show all our emotions to, we’ll probably give them a headache, which is a good thing and a bad thing and I’ll come to that later. I talked to a number of guys over the past two weeks about whether their girlfriends take it too far with their emotional vomit and the answers were all along the lines of…

‘If she ever has problems at home with her parents, beyeb2a esboo3 nakad 3ala eli khalefoony.  Mood swings that can put bipolar people to shame, always angry, always mad, doesn’t take a joke. Shit gets messed up.’

‘When we go out, she gives me the silent treatment the entire time just so I can ask her malek fi eh and then she literally explodes as if I was at fault for asking what’s wrong with her and if I didn’t ask, I’d also be at fault,’

‘Ana et3awedt khalas, all our chats nowadays consist of how depressed she is and how sad she feels all the time and she doesn’t even fucking know why and I’m like what the hell am I supposed to do?’

‘She’s like, always on her period,’

‘3ady ya3ny it comes with the package,’

‘She just expects me to take all the negative energy and be okay with it,’ 

This isn’t even all the things that were said to me, I became some sort of therapist for couples over the past few days and like even the girlfriends admitted that they can be like that sometimes, which is super sad but it’s fine as long as they know where the problem is and try to fix it and work on the excess flow of emotions. 

So, the real question is what do we do about this? As a guy who deals with this shit on a daily basis, what am I required to do? Awel haga, talk to your girlfriend and hopefully hateb2a fatra w hat3ady like they say. Be her crying shoulder and her anchor but also know your limit so that you can decide when things get too much because, your relationship is not supposed to consist of you calming her down and being her therapist.

Second solution, try to make her realize that she’s becoming too much. That her feelings are becoming a cloud that you’re stuck under and hopefully she’ll understand, just try to take a nice approach that won’t end with you getting slapped *internally cringes*

Third solution, which will not be appreciated and don’t hate me for it but, try giving her some space. I don’t mean the I’m breaking up with you space, I mean I’m giving you some time to heal and get your shit together space – and don’t ask me what the difference is because I can’t possibly tell, it’s all based on sense, how crazy your gf is, how big her imagination is and multiple other factors. 

Fourth shitty piece of advice from me…yeah, I really have nothing else to say because this is in fact very hard and we girls are indeed very complicated. Therefore, I’d like to send a message to all the girls out there, try to bear in mind that your boyfriend is also human and he can only take so much so like, I don’t know don’t lay it all on him you know? No? Great, that’s my cue to leave then. *skips outta here*

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