Why TikTok Sucks – There, I Said It! But I Kinda Love it Anyway

By: Zeina El Mofty

Well, there’s so much to say I don’t even know where to start. Allow me to try and walk you through. Okay so here we go.

Disclaimer: I’ll talk in first and second person assuming you had the same scenarios I did, so try not to get confused.

So, you were probably scrolling through your timeline and you saw this extremely pretty girl making a cringe-worthy TikTok on a mahragan and you’re now confused af. How and why the hell? The trend is now growing, more people are TikTok-ing; your friends, neighbors, your bawab, your friend’s neighbor’s dog. But you know, meh. You’d never.

Or so you thought.

You’re now downloading it, just to see what all the ضجة is about. Hmm, why is the For You Page sooooo damn tempting to watch. You get a notification: your screen time has increased by an hour and a half now. Holy shit you’re a TikTok addict. But no harm right? You only watch, you’d never film anything.

Or so you thought.

 Jokingly, you film a TikTok, oh and you make it private of course bec, ew. You show your friends, they laugh, idk what the hell happens and you make it public. Your video blows up, goes viral and is on the top of the For You Page. You feel like an absolute superstar and boy does it feel good. This is actually fun man.

Next thing you know, you have 50 posted videos, thousands of followers and you memorize every TikTok sound by heart. Chances are, you’re thriving for fame and you’re lowkey jealous of Charlie Dimelio.

And there’s that.

Reasons why it sucks?



2-Senseless and illogical algorithm for views.

3- Addicting.

4- Opportunity for the whole sha3b to watch and judge you.

5- You’re always risking cringing or being cringy yourself.

But, ummm, I just can’t not love my guilty pleasure. I mean, it’s enjoyable, funny and it’s a space for you to embrace whatever weirdness you withhold.

Oh and screw people’s judgement.
Oh and it’s basically vine #2 (RIP bb)
So yeah, whether you love or hate TikTok, same.

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