The Broke Teen’s Guide to Fun Thursday Khoroogat and Shella Nights-In

By: Malak Hatem

 I’m so glad telling people you’re broke is not something to be ashamed of anymore. It is perfectly normal when your friends suggest an outing or invite you out to a party that you decline simply because you don’t have enough money to afford a fancy outing. And that is because we are all broke, like, all the time. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. So, here are 11 khorooga ideas you could do if you’re broke, in need of some fun, and missing your shella!

1. Gather your friends and head to the nearest Starbucks

Starbucks is boujee, okay, it is. You can order the tastiest hot chocolate there and coffee, obviously, because most of the time, it does the dessert/caffeine kick thing pretty well. Order your drink, maybe a muffin, find a topic to debate with your friends and there you have it! A budget-friendly night out. Coffee dates are super underrated, they should be making a comeback.

2. Day out at nady

Nady outings need to be a thing again. Everything is literally there and super cheap. It’s safe and you can practically spend a whole day fel nady and only spend as much as you usually spend on a normal dinner with friends – also, your parents will leave you alone. So if you’re a Heliopolis member, you can enjoy your time playing board games or remembering what it was like being a kid running around worry-free then hit aboheidar for food. Or even if you’re a Gezira member, you can always go for a slice of cake at cake café. Whatever nady you’ve grown up a part of, just hit it up, there are always super cool and cheap food spots around.

3. Movie marathons!

All you need for that is a projector or even a laptop, a blanket and some popcorn (or a jar of nutella, I won’t judge). Pick a movie series and gather around the computer in a friend’s house (read: bed). The sillier the movie series, the more fun it’ll be and believe me, it’s just as good as going to the cinema, except that it could actually be better (uhm, bed, blankets, cuddles, and nutella?) and it’s definitely cheaper.

4. Dish 3ozoumas!

Dish 3ozoumas is this thing we invented because we’re broke to save our parents’ wallets from breaking further. We all know a friends gathering is not the same without food, so why not next time y’all are planning to spend the day at your friend’s house, each of you offer some cash and make it a dish 3ozouma? Basically, you say masalan, we want a shella sushi home date, each of you cough up some cash, put it together, and make the dish 3ozouma of your dreams. If you’re too broke though, pizza always is the answer.

5. Picnics

Our generation didn’t get to go on picnics as much as our parents did, but that should change. We should forget for a second about malls and bring back picnics. They’re outdoors so you’ll get to enjoy the amazing weather, be it winter or summer, also super refreshing and they are not at all boring. You won’t be tempted to look at your phone as much. You can bask in the sun, take insta-worthy pics, catch up with your friends, and have the best finger food ever – picnic snacks are the best!

6. Road trips

Buy loads of indomie, unhealthy snacks, shewayet 3asayer and hit the road. Got to a friend’s chalet for a day or two. Be it Sokhna, Sahel, or even Fayoum – it doesn’t matter, so long as it’s a max 3 hour drive, you’re going somewhere safe, and you spent a max of 700 LE collectively on all kinds of junk. If you’re seven people, that’s 100-300 LE MAX in 2 days of chilling with your best girls/boys.

7. Sightseeing

There are a lot of places in downtown Cairo that are worth seeing, and most of them are free and open to the public. So buy a Metro ticket, make a list and make a day out of it. Don’t forget Maadi, Zamalek, and even Old Cairo too!

8. McDonald’s

Take your friends and hit the nearest Mcdonald’s – it won’t cost you much. But make sure it’s a drive-thru because you’ll want to catch your meal, sit in the car, bust out some music, munch on your fries, and sing your hearts out. Also it’s a great spot for a free therapy session with your gals. 

9. Match Kora

Menha reyada w menha tawfeer. Gather a bunch of el faraheed sohabko and go for a football or basketball match cause who doesn’t like a little competitiveness between friends? It’ll get your blood flowing, your competitiveness rising, and it’ll probably make for a couple of good embarrassing stories.

10. Ahwa!

Ahwa hangouts need to be a thing for girls, too. We’re just as broke as you guys. And we don’t mind at all hanging out fe ahwa. Idk who said we shouldn’t, dammit.

11. Kitchen date

Make it a pj party, buy a betty crocker recipe for whatever cake you’re craving and start preparing for it. Make a night out of it and throw flour at each other. Then, until the cake is done, clean this up cause we’re not animals begad. Pick a cheesy chic flick or a movie you’ve all been dying to watch and play it while you’re enjoying your delicious cake. @ boys, you should try this, it’s super freaking fun and not at all emasculating.

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