4 Bomb AF Skin and Hair Care Local Brands We Love That Give Actual Results

By: Hanya

Skin care brands have been hustling and the entire team is living for the products and overall aesthetic. While it may seem like I’ve been “sleeping on skincare”, I haven’t so here’s the mandatory skin care article for 2020, cause stress is high and our skin needs all the love it can get.

Can we take a moment to talk about Kawket Bodycare?

Besides their products -which are fire- they win when it comes to practicality because you can use most of their products for both your skin and hair! No excuse to not pack self-care when traveling and no excuse to be lazy this time. Oh and I forgot to mention their powder masks!! No surprise explosions in your bag. They also have natural henna which you can use for the purpose of color or treatment. I love love love henna because it leaves my hair shiny and healthy which actually has people asking what the fuck I do to my hair, and it also gives me that gorgeous raven black color without the bullshit box dyes give me. Which is of course helpful when I’m mad and like to change my hair color every 2 minutes.

I won’t say anything more other than to go check them out because they’ve got so many products for a relatively cheap price and seriously Kawket – sponsor me, please and thank you.

Smack That Scrub comes to the rescue when I’m lazy.

Choosing to go in depth on body and face scrubs, Smack That Scrub make these amazing natural scrubs with half a dozen scents to choose from. Their scrubs are primarily coffee and coconut oil which moisturizes, hydrates, treats acne and eczema, and soothes the skin. Scrubs are honestly so sensual and they force you to take some extra time for yourself which is a must every Self-Care Saturday. Oh, and don’t forget to exfoliate with their scrubs pre body hair removal to ensure a perfect and ingrown-hair-less shave as Fadila once mentioned. *winks in shameless promo*

Specializing in haircare, Braes chose a different vibe I love!

Which is picturesque and will have you crying when you use it because you just wanna add it to your trophy-shelf; pastel pink, and sexy Français so, duh. Their products are unique and I love how they write clear steps to follow and why/when you should use each product. Oh, and can we please talk about hair mists? You can stop using perfumes that dry the hell out of your hair to smell good! Never seen this somewhere else no joke: so Braes, I applaud you and as you would say it, “parrainez-moi s’il vous plaît!” 

I like to think Clementine Organics reflect me…

As a minimalist, but with more things to offer lol. From Tea Tree Toner/Mist for the acne prone to Love, Rosie for dew and moisture for the dryer skins. They also have all kinds of mini serums fit for traveling. They’re new, they’re chill, and I’m dying to get out hands on their products. Check them out, they’re bomb.

All new, fresh, and quite aesthetic local brands catering to us. I’m serious when I say give them a follow and order your shit right away confidently!! Also, casually waiting for them to come sponsor me, I’ll never stop saying that!

From the Self-Care freak ,

back again xx

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