9 Feminine Health and Hygiene Tips Every Girl Needs to Know

By: Zaynab

Disclaimer: girls, you can do whatever the hell you want with your own bodies. This has nothing to do with what society views as acceptable, these are just some hygiene tips should you need them because nobody bothers teaching us shit.  

People stink. No, I’m not having an existential crisis. I mean literally, people stink sometimes. It’s natural. Everyone’s got their own odor. Whether we’re at the gym, cooking in the kitchen, or just chilling on the couch, we have a certain smell. We all look a certain way and we are all unique in our own right. That does not mean, however, that we completely give up hygiene. We all need to learn how to maintain it to avoid any issues that accompany poor hygiene. So, without further ado, here are some feminine hygiene tips every girl needs to know:

#1: Ingrown Hair

Alright. I think it’s safe to say that body hair is something many of us have struggled with. Ingrown hair – wherever it is – is no exception. Apparently, it can be caused by wearing tight clothing – like skinny jeans or tight underwear – so maybe wear them less often if you want to avoid ingrown hair. Also, both waxing and shaving can cause ingrown hair when done wrong, so be sure to check with your dermatologist, or just google how to shave right.

#2: Wet clothing

Staying too long in wet clothes (whether it be a swimming suit or regular clothing or anything else) could lead to a funky smell or even an infection. So, just quickly change or shower, don’t stay too long in your wet swimsuit (or rain soaked clothes) if you can help it, change after a water fight (you can get a cold anyways but that’s not the point). It’s winter anyway, should most of this be happening?

#3: Breathable underwear

Cotton underwear is the way to go apparently. It’s better for you than silky underwear as it’s way more breathable and stretchy which is very important for proper hygiene, not to mention more comfortable.

#4: Probiotics

Not only do these help avoid smells, but they could also prevent yeast infections, for example. They’re kind of like vitamins-they contain good bacteria which help with smells, discharge, and avoiding infections. Take one a day, maybe place it in your food if you want.

#5: Feminine Wipes

Avoid scented ones-they are really unsuitable when washing. If toilet paper isn’t doing the job, good old-fashioned Johnson’s wipes are a good way to go, no seriously, this helps

#6: Food

I am not about to tell you to eat less food or anything like that. We shouldn’t starve force feed ourselves to fit into society’s twisted, ever-changing ideals of beauty. This is just a little reminder to drink plenty of water and try to consume healthy food throughout the day.

#7: Wash your hands

 Well, obviously. But I mean we often forget to do this, crucial as it is. Before eating, after eating, anytime your hands are near your eyes, face, or your private area, just make sure they’re clean to reduce chances of infection-especially with a new virus going around.

#8: Pills

Make sure you know the side effects of any medication you consume. They could result in varying dryness in a variety of places. Talk to your doctor if you have any doubts.

#9: Doctor visits

It’s crucial that you visit the doctors if something that shouldn’t smell does, if discharge colour or odor is different, etc. Those can often be major signs of when something’s not right, so just go to your gynecologist to make sure it’s alright!

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