8 Non-English Netflix Shows Worth Binge Watching This Winter Break

By: Kanzy Nada

*Before the vacation*

“We’re going to go out every day, we’re going to visit new places and we’re going to travel to Dahab or Luxor, this is going to be the best vacation ever YAY!”

*During the vacation*

I’m pretty sure y’all are wrapped up in your warm blankets and have been hibernating in bed for the last few days, it’s okay, I’m guilty of it too.

where’s the “we’re gonna nekhrbeha” spirit you may ask?


Now, I have found the perfect way to spend your time in bed and getting all the excitement you need. Netflix has so many options it’s kinda overwhelming, we’ve also watched most of the English series Netflix MENA has to offer. Tapping into the undiscovered gold mine of european, south american, and asian series can be scary, but don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of must-watches just for you!

1- Baby (Italian)

Set in a very prestigious school in Rome, the series follows the story of a privileged girl (Chiara) who becomes disinterested in her life and then meets the loner troublemaker (Ludovica), who pulls them both into the world of underage prostitution. Basically, two teens leading double lives: students by day and prostitutes by night, and yes, it’s a mess. What shocked me the most was that this series is based on a real life story which became a very known issue in Italy in 2014 after it was uncovered, it’s known as the “Baby Squillo” case which literally translates to “Baby Ring”.

2- Elite (Spanish)

Three middle-class students are given scholarships to the most elite private school in Spain because their old school has collapsed. At first, they were cornered by the other students because of the financial state differences, but eventually they make friends and then drama starts to sprawl. It’s not your normal highschool love triangle type of drama, we’re talking about polyamorous relationships, a bet over one’s virginity, drug dealing, coming out of prison and adapting to life outside of it, and this show’s main event: murder.

3- Dark (German)

It being the first ever German Netflix original series says enough. It follows the unraveling of secrets, hidden connections and time traveling conspiracies all after two kids disappear in Winden, Germany. It mainly focuses on the existential-ity of time and if we’re predestined to repeat past mistakes or not. Destiny, fate, and time are all called into question.

4- Romance is a Bonus Book (Korean)

Released in 2019 and has already managed to become one of the highest rated Korean dramas in cable television history. It tells the story of a very successful author, youngest senior editor in a book publishing company and a once successful advertising copywriter who have been friends since childhood as they slowly start to realize their true feelings for each other. It’s a down to earth love story that’s very relatable and touching. I know you may have the idea that k-dramas are cringe-y and all lovey-dovey but this one is a must watch I promise. It deeply touched my heart so, give it a go, you won’t regret it.

5- Locked Up (Spanish)

This one kinda reminds me of OITNB. It follows the story of a young woman who falls in love with her boss and commits several accounting crimes and is then charged for 4 tax crimes, which lands her in prison for 7 years or A LOT of money to bail her out. She then begins to adapt to her new life and understands that she has to change in order to survive those torturous years. Meanwhile, her family on the outside tries to collect the money to bail her out. It’s thrilling, fast, and absolutely captivating.

6- Atiye (Turkish)

And once again Beren Saat blesses us with another amazing series. I’m not the type that watches Turkish stuff but if it’s her, I’d always give it a go. I’m sure most of you remember “Fatema” and “El 3eshk el Mamnou3” because, well, how could you not? Atiye, played by Beren Saat, is a painter who embarks on a life journey after an archeological discovery is made of a symbol that she has been dreaming about for the past 10 years. Get ready to be bouncing at the edge of your seat while watching the emotional rollercoasters and discoveries this series offers.

7- Plan Coeur (French)

Elsa broke up with her boyfriend two years ago and is still hung up on him and cannot move on for the sake of her own good. So, her friends being the supportive people they are, hire a guy to take her on a few dates and apparently that plan works out a little too well and Else begins falling for him but the way they met is still an issue as it was a setup done by her friends and she just got involved in it. dramatically so. yikes.

8- La Casa de Papel (Spanish)

I chose to end this list with none other than La Casa de Papel because this series has been the biggest thing ever the last couple of months in 2019. All senior hoodies, prom themes, halloween costumes, E V E R Y T H I N G has been La Casa de Papel themed. So is it really worth all this hype? the answer to the question is YES, absolutely YES. It’s about a criminal genius who has a plan to pull off the biggest heist in history with the help of 8 robbers code-named after cities. I have no words, just watch.

Bella ciao, the moon is beautiful ;’)

Ps watch no. 4 and 8 then you’d get it.

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