Our Ultimate Not-Quite-Winter Local Brand Wishlist

By: Jana Shorbagy

It’s twenty-twenty and what better way to kick off the year than by adding things to our wishlist, and what better things to add to your wishlist other than all kinds of things from our beloved local brands? Here’re the best of the best, ranging from clothes to skin care to accessories and every other thing your dreams are made of.



Basics made perfect! Bazic have all essential clothing a girl needs – from sweatshirts and track pants to dresses and swimsuits, they’ve got it all. There isn’t an essential that they don’t sell.

2- Doodle Factory

Doodle Factory is a lifestyle products brand that recently launched a fashion line. Their products and clothes are doodled by the hands of children to support their health and education. Their amazing products and cause mean we get to add onto our own collection and make ourselves feel better for the help we’ve have contributed through making a purposeful purchase.

3- Psych

Psych has the perfect range of unique hoodies that all hold a statement – each collection is different from the other which means it’s basically a guarantee that you’ll stand out. The quality is wonderful and the designs are all cool af. I’d get on that asap, if I were you.

4- Zang

Quite literally the definition of urban streetwear #goals. Zang has to be one of the coolest clothing brands in town – their designs are hip, their quality is out of this world, and they have an actual shop in CityStars. Can we be a part of the #ZangGang please?

5- Snuggs

Snuggs is a winter favorite, the ultimate cold weather go-to, this winter – be ready to cozy up with one of these in any of the styles and colors available. This will ensure your warmness and comfort. Like, I never want to get out of their blankets-turned-clothes.

6- Hoor

Hoor has that comfortable-meets-chic vibe going, their clothing is super comfy but also super trendy. Basic, yes – to an extent,but every basic piece has that edge that just makes it a little more stylish.

7- Ayo

You know when you see clothes and just think, yes, this is exactly what I need for everyday wear? The kind of clothing you know having means reaching in when you’re half awake in your closet and knowing that whatever will come out will still make you look fab anyway? That’s exactly why Ayo should be our go-to everyday wear brand.

8- Kojak the Shop

The best for last, truly. Kojak’s ready-to-wear line is probably the most high end on this list. It’s also the most out-there/gorgeous/ohmygod/yesplease. Sweatshirt dresses, crop tops, track pants, jackets, fancy af dresses – whatever you want, you’ll find – 100% more extra than you may need, but definitely as extra as you deserve.

B. Accessories


Halla Emara wearing her own Kato bag

The furthest thing from basic, all Kato bags are made out of beads – you can choose your color preference from a vast range – there’s clear, blue, pink, red, and many more. There’s also their unique collection of phone straps (which are insanely trendy rn), so be sure to add that to your wishlist asap. Also, did I mention that the owner of Kato is 19 year-old Halla Emara? Support your fellow young entrepreneurs!

10- Jude Benhalim Jewelry

Living legend Jude Benhalim. There isn’t a single collection since the dawn of this brand that hasn’t been authentic, empowering, and downright bold. We’re ready to be accessorized in Jude all year long, really, not just this not-quite-winter.

11- Play Nice Accessories

Bright and colorful accessories to finish off every outfit. If you want to shine – literally – you have to shop from Play Nice! They create the kind of jewelry that every basic chic needs to help every outfit pop. We’re dying for a pair of earrings or that diamond belt, oh my god.

12- Cords

Mostly started off with jewlery that was known for being simple, they’ve become a staple must-have brand in the last couple of years. Their collection that had Egypt’s coordinates engraved on them was so popular, they ended up branching into designs of a similar pattern. They’re unisex, they’re cool, and we’re desperately wanting to layer their gorgeously simple pieces.

13- Okhtein

As much as we love Okhtein, this’ll probably remain on our wishlist, unless you’re lucky and your birthday is coming up, cause their everything is expensive. Beyoncé wearing Okhtein kinda explains it though. This is THE local brand that is now branching out of Egypt and into the world; making an Egyptian statement with their signature bags everywhere. Every collection they make since they were just a little part of Downtown Mall’s Pop Up Shop, has been made with best quality materials and the most incredibly crafted designs.

C. Skin Care

14- Essentials

their gold eye-tint omg

Egypt’s first skin-care conscious makeup brand, guaranteeing a gorgeous look and no breakouts to speak of! They’re widely known for having the most glow-y insta-worthy eye tints in the city. Oh god, and their scrubs! They’re 100% to die for. If your skin is feeling extra flaky and pale this winter, hit Essentials up, you won’t regret it.

15- Urban Ducks Cosmetics

By far the best body scrubs, and lotions in Egypt, with their amazing and long lasting scents, alongside their different sizes, there’s no way we can ever fall out of love with this brand. They’ve got every single skin care product you can dream of, all made vegan and with 100% natural ingredients. Lotions, serums, hand creams, scrubs, and oils – you name it, they have it. , not to mention the different sizes are perfect with their new travel size lotions.

16- Kawket Body Care

Skin and hair care all rolled into one, if you’re genuinely suffering and are looking for products to help you, Kawket is your best friend. Natural soaps, shampoo, henna, body lotions, face creams, deosplashes, lip balms, and only like, 13084 other products that are made of natural ingredients to help your hair grow long and strong and your skin glow 24/7. We recommend, 100%.

17- Clemetine Organics

Organic, vegan, cruelty free skin solutions made with the utmost care to cater to all skin types and aid in clearing your skin to give it that healthy “I-look-good-always” look. No brand has better face serums than Clementine, trust us.

Well guys, that’s it, we hope you don’t go broke.

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