Your Very Beginner Guide to Understanding Vaginal Discharge

By: Hanya

So, what the fuck is vaginal discharge? Just a term I’m playing around with – without any rhyme or reason? Just something that happens to a couple of girls but not all girls? Nope, no, this is a fluid that our cervix produces and it helps you understand if something may be wrong with your “little lady parts”.

This “discharge” helps keep your vagina clean by collecting any bacteria around, and – fun fact – it helps in “choosing” the best sperm that can continue its journey. It ranges from consistency to volume and even smell which is fine, however some may indicate a bacterial infection, cervical cancer, or a sexually transmitted disease.. etc. etc.

Normal discharge is usually thick and white, however if associated with itching, burning or irritation on the lips of the vagina, there’s a high chance of it being a yeast infection which you need to visit your gynecologist for.

 Yellow and Green discharge are quite abnormal discharge. It indicates a sexually transmitted disease or a yeast infection, too, so if you ever see yellow you should be out of the house faster than you can count to 10.

You’ll see brown after periods or if you have irregular/fluctuating periods more often than not. But you also need to be careful as it can be a sign of cervical or uterine cancer!

During pregnancy, discharge is completely different; it’s thin in consistency, white in colour, and has a mild smell to it. Adding on, the level of estrogen in your body is responsible for your discharge.

More estrogen = more discharge and obviously less estrogen = less discharge. Hence, the amount -or lack thereof- of discharge during menopause and the relatively higher amount during ovulation.

There’s only one question left unanswered: how will I ever know my discharge? It’s quite easy don’t worry, discharge can easily appear on your tissue paper after wiping your privates. You’ll know it’s what you’re looking for because it’s quite different from any other fluids that come out of your vagina and it’s also insoluble in water.

I found out that most women in our community don’t know anything about vaginal discharge – even educated ones, which explains the chaos. You need to stay aware of your discharge because it can tell you so much about your hygiene, health, cervix, and uterus. It’s basically the first sign you get that screams “GYNECOLOGIST NOW!”

So please, stay healthy and aware of this shit, c’est très important!

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