13 Simple Things I Miss About My High School Days, That You Will Miss Too

By: Malak Hatem

This is my third year at uni and honestly, it took me some time to adjust to this strange new life and all the new people I still need to know. At first, it was all so overwhelming to the extent that I thought uni wouldn’t be the best days of my life like my parents, and practically every other person in my life, told me. But then it got better, I got to know people who aren’t afraid to be themselves, they taught me to embrace my love for every guilty pleasure and they showed me how good it feels to be who I am, no filters applied. 

I am still friends with a bunch of my high school people, in fact, two of them are still the closest people to my heart, and two others are with me at uni. I am not going to sugarcoat things, uni is hard. It’s nothing like our parents raised us to believe. And that can make you miss A LOT about your school days when life was breezy and you had fun with your friends, you had so little to do and weren’t stressed as much. 

It always gets better, and it did get better by time but here are some of the things i still miss about my school days, no matter how happy and full my uni days make me feel:

  1. The sound of the bell announcing the end of class. 
  2. The fact that we had actual designated break time. 
  3. My teachers, who knew every single one of us by name and treated us like their younger brothers and sisters or even their children.
  4. The binders and the fact that we had books to study from. 
  5. The, now i realize, easy courses and easier quizzes.
  6. The lockers. 
  7. Being with my friends all day. 
  8. Joking around with literally anyone at the school because we all know each other. 
  9. Going out on weekends and actually enjoying it. 
  10. School trips. 
  11. English lit classes. 
  12. The fact that we could finish everything on our to-do lists, waste some time binge-ing shows and still have time left on our hands. 
  13. And finally, because they deserve to be mentioned twice, i miss spending my days with my highschool friends.

Yours truly,

A nostalgic uni student. 

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