Open Relationship, Polygamy, #Throuple? WTF are These Relationship Dynamics and How Do They Work?

By: Jumana

By definition, polygamy is the term used to call people in a relationship with multiple partners; a guy married to many women, a woman married to multiple men (but that doesn’t really happen cause society is a hypocritical and misogynistic piece of shit), or both parties having further relationships outside their own, without being strictly heterosexual either.

Open relationships though, the mutual agreement between two consenting adults to not be exclusive in their relationship, and are allowed to see people other than their own partners (and I say ‘allowed’ because everything in these relationships is based on agreement, trust and boundaries). Or, multiple people in the same relationship, as in, all parties are in a relationship with each other, also known as three-way relationships or throuples. 

N.B. it is not cheating. 

Cheating is primarily based on hiding stuff and lying, which is exactly the opposite of open relationships or polygamy (if done right). 

Monogamy, polyamory, polygamy, polygyny, bigamy and the list goes on and on. There are so many types of relationships these days, it’s so hard to catch up, but, worry not, I’m here to clear up all the misconceptions regarding polygamy and open relationships, and all about the #throuple trend that is blowing up.

The first thought that comes to mind when someone sees a woman in multiple simultaneous relationships is ‘slut’ but that. needs. to. stop. Women need to stop being shamed for exercising their sexuality, because if it’s between consenting adults then who the hell are you to tell her not to. 

And yes, I specifically spoke about women in the last paragraph, because yes, women are always shamed if they’re being more sexual than a nun. Guys? Not so much, “homa el welad keda, hane3mel eh?” “Rabena khala2 el welad unable to commit”. No, honey, your son is just a whore. Having said that, if everyone in the relationship is aware, informed and consenting, well, by all means, go for it. 

Moral of the story, open relationships don’t just involve people who are “unable to commit”, or for “players” or for “immature children still experiencing life and dont know better,” because polyamory is real, and it is valid, and no one can say anything about that. (Unless they’re delusional, of course). 

Contrary to popular belief, people in polygamous relationships have much healthier, stable relationships and are psychologically better too! Yes, yes, I know, shocking, right? According to research, polyamory can offer some very surprising benefits, ranging from greater satisfaction and extra help with child care to increased relationship commitment.

Although yes, open relationships, polygamy especially, is very risky. People can very easily just say they’re poly when they’re actually cheating. All those guys that are married behind the first wives’ backs or are forcing them to just accept that they’re married again, that’s not polygamy. That’s not even close. That’s cheating and being a dick.

 Then there’s the whole “el ragel li arba3a”, darling, no. Hard pill to swallow; el ragel li arba3a under very specific circumstances and conditions, el ragel li arba3a when all of the wives are informed and consenting, and not just forced to consent. 

I know it’s so fun to judge people and make assumptions about them, but it really doesn’t count for shit. Being a decent human being is so fucking rewarding, I swear, just try it. 



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