Your Guide to Having a Fling with an Egyptian Guy

By: Mariam Abdelrazek

Okay, so I was really struggling with this article because I’ve never really had a fling with a guy but then I was like, okay but why haven’t I had a fling with a guy? I realized then that the answer was right in front of me all along and it’s simply because you can’t have a fling with an Egyptian guy. Like, you just can’t. And I hate to generalize but Egyptian guys are clingy af and they expect you to be their mother, daughter, girlfriend, friend, wing-woman, etcetera etcetera. Like, it’s just hopeless, they don’t understand the term ‘fling’. They don’t understand the word ‘exclusive’. So it’s basically impossible to have a fling with an Egyptian guy mengheir ma ro7ek tetla3, however, if y’all want to know how to have a fling with an Egyptian guy, here’s your guide to doing so… 

If you’re here for the guide, you’re going to have to wait because there’s a couple of things I want to rant about first. *rolls her sleeves, takes a deep breath and starts to type*. We girls are not created by God to satisfy the hell outta guys bas ta2reeban el masreyeen fahmeen keda. Because when you have a fling with a guy, if you can ever have a fling with one, you’re expected to be responsible for the guy’s actions and be his freaking mother but at the same time, he has to feel like he has the upper hand so he gets to boss you around too because that makes complete sense (note: notice the sarcasm). Also, there’s a bonus job here people! You get to be his wingwoman. Yep, you get to hook him up with other girls and you’re not supposed to be angry about it at all because that’s totally the norm (again, sarcasm). You’re also expected to hang out with him because guess what, you’re also his friend and in the little time left where you’re not playing the role of a mum, friend, best bro or anything else that their highnesses want, you get to actually be his girlfriend. When you are NOT. 

 Egyptians don’t know what exclusive entails. Especially when it’s a fling. Like, they think that because it’s a fling they get to do whatever they hell they want with whoever the hell they want and they expect you to still be there waiting for them with open arms. Na3am ya3ny?? Like, imagine if the roles were reversed. Boy, us girls would low-key (read: high-key) be called sluts. So am I saying that guys who don’t take flings exclusively should be called fuckboys? Maybe. Because a non-exclusive relationship means cheating – at least to me it does. However, of-fucking-course to them, it’s not because ‘we’ve never been exclusive’ so basically if he’s with you and another 50 girls you can’t hold anything against him. So, unless you’re okay with cheating, you shouldn’t be okay with ‘non-exclusive flings’ – which is exactly what’s waiting for you if you had one with an Egyptian guy. 

Back to the main topic, your guide to having a fling with an Egyptian guy;

Awel haga, you gotta make sure that you want this. Like, obviously you do, but you just gotta confirm it and make sure you’re 100% down and that you’re aware of what you’re getting yourself into. I’m not saying that all Egyptian guys are trash and can’t handle having a fling – actually, that’s exactly what I’ve been saying the entire article but I mean, there’s got to be some guys that are actually, well, not complete assholes. Stick to these guys and well, yeah, hopefully, everything will not turn out to be a complete disaster. Also, try not to get too attached because after all, it’s just a fling and you don’t want to end up having like great feelings for someone you’re not going to end up with anyways (who is also probably an asshole). Also, try to be as patient as you possibly can because you’re probably going to deal with a lot of crap and that requires a lot of patience. 

Y’all probably won’t ever have a fling after reading this article but what could I do? I had to say it because no one else would. Sorry, not sorry.

One thought on “Your Guide to Having a Fling with an Egyptian Guy

  1. you could tell the person ur gonna have a fling with that it is just a fling and DONT get attached and if u did then give him CLEAR (CLEAR CLEAR CLEAR) signs that u r attached and want to be his girlfriend and ONLY HIS GILRFRIEND…and “of fucking course” there are men who arent complete assholes (but the majority unfortunately are the opposite).Just find ur one and keep him or else another bitch is gonna steal him


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