How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Dye Your Hair or Get Pierced/Tatted

By: Jana Elhini

As teens, we always feel the need to express ourselves and our individuality, and most of the time our parents don’t approve. Vibrant hair colors, exotic haircuts, piercings in various places, tattoos, et cetera, all are the answers to the sudden urge for change that we all get at some point. Obviously, convincing our parents is a task we’re not all brave enough to attempt and most of us need them to agree before we go ahead and do it. So here’s a bunch of ways you can get their blessing, good luck!

Note: don’t be discouraged if they don’t agree.

1. Belief check 

You should probably check your parents’ beliefs prior. Some parents wouldn’t tolerate a tattoo in any shape or form and some aren’t big fans of piercings. In these cases you might want to do some research. Give them a few strong reasons as to why this is a good idea and show them that you really want it. One good reason is that for example, nose piercings complement your nose. I, for one, want a nose piercing because I believe it’ll make my nose look smaller. Dig deep into your mind and find the real reason as to why you want to get that piercing or tattoo. Perhaps you want to hide a scar with that tattoo, or maybe a birthmark you’re not a fan of. Just know that even if you feel the need to hide them, they’re still gorgeous no matter what. 

2. It’ll be my reward!

Parents love it when you work hard and that’s exactly what you’ll do. Make a deal with them! I’ll study hard, I’ll train hard, etc and as a reward for my hard work, you’ll give me your OK for the piercing/tattoo. 

3. Time to think

Here’s the thing, most of the people I’ve asked said that they kept nagging and begging their parents for the tattoo or piercing and their parents kept refusing. But once they stopped asking for it, their parents thought it over and gave them the OK they were asking for.

4. Just do it

As for those of us who have the guts to go behind their parents’ backs and just get the tattoo or piercing, just go ahead.

They’ll accept the fact that you did it and they’ll settle with the facts eventually.

5. Be willing to compromise

If it’s a definite no for the permanent tattoo, find a compromise! I suggest getting the temporary ones that last a few months. As for the piercing, you can find several clip-ons that create the illusion of a piercing.

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