7 Teen MUAs Guaranteed to Give You Fabulous Looks Taking Prom Bookings RN

By: Farida El Shafie

Alright my lovelies, it’s that time of year again…prom season. The dread and excitement have manifested into all-consuming anticipation and all you ladies are probably swamped in dress fittings, school work and fortuitous panic attacks. Panic no more, if there’s one thing I know it’s makeup and I’ve compiled a list of some pretty amazing teen MUAs that are both lit and available for bookings this prom season.

1- @makeupbyfaridaa

Farida El-rafie is the current queen of the ethereal makeup look. If you want to look angelic, with a flawless base and a glowing complexion, this girl should be your go-to. I will also take a moment to appreciate her ability to craft the perfect makeup look for every face. At her tender age, she has mastered bridal makeup! She will literally blend your woes away. I genuinely cannot get enough of this girl, and yes I am biased because we share the same name. 

2- Mariamfaroukk_2

This girl has been on my radar for some time now. Every look she forges is somehow always the perfect mix of elegance and expertise. What impresses me the most is her ability to make a Matte blown out eye look, fierce and hypnotic. Her ability to finesse color – in every sense of the word – blows me away. She’s mastered the ability to create a plethora of makeup looks for every mood. SO, If you want to look unique this season, Mariam’s got you covered, without breaking the bank. 

3- @sirslah 

The king himself! Every time this living legend posts an Instagram picture, I stop breathing. Not only has he explored the power of makeup to no bounds, but he has also managed to create some of the most amazing soft glam looks I have ever come across. Don’t get me wrong, his full glam is just as transformative. I highly recommend him to anyone willing to experiment with color this prom season, he will not disappoint. At a mid-price range, he’s ready for all you ladies this season with his expertise. 

4- @tiaelmistikawy 

Officially certified by the London Makeup Institute, this next 19-year-old lady’s love for makeup shines in every way. Her makeup is all about effortless perfection and enhanced beauty. She wants to shade match and blend, not cover and morph and with that, she definitely delivers. Though her recent start, she’s already sporting looks that would take the average girl years to master. Have I forgot to mention she’s reduced her prices this prom season?! An affordable and guaranteed MUA on the market?? Honestly, grab her while you can! 

5- @glamwithyasmine 

THIS GIRL. Yasmine is finally taking bookings and I could not be more ecstatic. This certified 17-year-old is probably the youngest one on the list, yet her spunk and profound talent surpass her youthful age in every way. Her passion for makeup means she’s accumulated an insurmountable amount of knowledge on the best makeup for each occasion. Don’t believe me? watch her do it all on her Instagram page in a series of tutorials and posts. In terms of affordability, she’s probably one of the most feasible on the list, I REPEAT! SHE’S AVAILABLE FOR BOOKINGS.

6- @fglows

Where do I begin? This curly-haired queen has taken the feline flick to the next level. Ever dreamt of looking like Bella Hadid? Well… Farida has got you covered this prom season. She’s all about hypnotic eyes and dewy, gorgeous skin. She makes neutrals pop and colors shine. With fine linework that demands precision and skillfulness, she’s one of the most talented options this season. I am also obsessed with blown out, winged eyeshadow, and so is she! She’ll definitely be ready to transform you just in time for your grand debut.

7- @makeupbynrizk 

How could such a list even exist without our personal favorite, Nour Rizk? At this point in time, not mentioning this makeup wizard, is blasphemous. This girl can do it all! Smokey eye? Yes please, a natural halo eye? You name it. The best part is, she’s mastered it all, from neutrals to bold pops of color, there’s nothing that’s off-limits. Although she’s one of the pricier options on the list, a flawless outcome is guaranteed.    

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