6 Fitness Hubs That Will Help You Get Your Fit On & Give You the Experience of a Lifetime

By: Ali Sakr

It’s mid-January and everyone has already abandoned their “eat healthy” and “get fit” resolutions, if they bothered to include them this year anyway. However, working on your health is important, weight 100% aside, it’s good for your mental and emotional states too. So, I’ve compiled a list of 6 of the most professional and conductive fitness institutions, with facilities all around Cairo, to help you get up and move.

1- Be Fit

BeFit founder Aly Mazhar

Arguably the people who kickstarted the fitness scene in Egypt, BeFit pretty much has it all – facilities in nearly every area in Cairo, fantastic coaches as young as 19 and as old as 30, and let’s not forget that they’ve got the most motivating environment, it’ll keep you going no matter what. It’s THE place to get your fit on.

2- Ignite

Founder Hussein Abdeldayem coaching

The fitness scene was blessed in it’s very early days when Hussein Abdeldayem founded Ignite back at Heliopolis, a few years later, Ignite is one of the most incredible spaces to grow into a healthier individual – physically yes, but also mentally. Ignite are made especially unique by being the institution with the best fitness retreats. They have some of the best nutritionists in the industry – mostly, because they’re not overwhelming and strict – and are sure to provide you a professional experience.

3- Move

Partner/ Coach Mohammed Abbas and Founder/Coach Ali Ismail

Founded by Ali Ismail in partnership with Mohamed Abbas, Move has been in the sports game for quite some time now. What’s just launched now, though, is their new facility right in the heart of Cairo. Yes, Move are the first people to land a fitness hub smack in the middle of West El Balad, at the GrEEK Campus. In a location quite convenient for plenty of people, and far away from most other similar facilities, this one’s sure to be a hit.

4- Hers Studios

With both classes and gym sessions, Hers Studio is an all-female fitness and sports center which only cares about providing the best experience and motivation to its clients. They have an energy which will you keep you excited about working out at all times, and have you feeling very comfortable about it too. It’s the space you want to be most if you’re a female who wants to genuinely change her life without having to feel uncomfortable.

5- Fit Squad

A Tagamoa residents exclusive institution with a facility at Kattameya Residence Club and Platinum Club, what started as just a group of people meeting up to workout with some guidance ended up turning into FitSquad, an open space for Tagamoa residents to support each other in a journey to better health.

6- Elevate

You’d have to be living under a rock to have not heard of Mohammed Eid (now, ex) Head Coach of the Be Fit Palm Hills facility leaving the now huge brand, 5 years later. If you ask anyone who their favorite Coach in all of Cairo is, they’d probably say ‘Mohammed Eid’. So, with Eid quitting, we were quite unsurprised when he announced starting up his own brand Elevate, which is set to open soon. He’s bringing in years of experience in the fitness and nutrition fields to create the perfect space to change peoples’ lives. We’re super excited to see what will bloom from this soon-to-be rising institution – we’re sure it’s going to be big, Zayed people are quite lucky.

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