Girls – Everything You Thought You Knew About Shaving is a Myth, Now Debunked

By: Fadila

Raise your hand if your mother ever threw her shebsheb at you for suggesting shaving instead of waxing or sugaring. My own mother genuinely thought shaving was a scandal saying: “shaving is for men”, to which I rolled my eyes (once she turned her back) – sorry mama. So, being a female who is 100% pro shaving is not exactly heard of in Egypt, there are so many myths about shaving, with grandparents and parents screaming “you’ll look like man” as if growing a few thick hairs will trigger my vagina into disappearing and suddenly having a penis sprout instead. Anyway, melodrama aside, here are most of your beliefs on shaving (myths) getting debunked.

Shaving causes hair to grow back thicker, faster and darker!

Uhm, nope. Your body hair thickness, color, and growth rate are all up to your hormones and genetics, shaving has nothing to do with it. The entire matter is that razors cut hair superficially, so the hairs simply seem darker and thicker, but they’re actually not. The ‘faster’ part is easily explained, when you wax or sugar, you rip the hair from its root, so it take more time to grow as opposed to cutting your body hair superficially and having it’s root intact.

Shaving cream isn’t necessary; water and/or conditioner work fine

Shaving gels are specifically created to preserve the moisture in your skin, both water and conditioner don’t, which can cause your skin to irritate really badly during and post shaving.

The more pressure you use, the closer the shave

Ugh, girls, no. In fact, the more pressure you add to your razor as it glides across your skin, the higher the chance of you nicking yourself and causing your skin to irritate, too.

Only shaving causes ingrown hairs

BTW, waxing causes ingrown hairs. If you want your skin to be free from ingrown hairs, then you need to exfoliate (to remove the dead skin and other icky things) before you wax or shave.

Shaving safely and properly is an actual thing y’all need to learn, asking your dad isn’t an option and obvs your mom will throw her shebsheb at your head, so your best bet is Google. Or me.

So, here are your shaving rules:

1- never shave when your skin is dry, always use water.

2- use a good shaving cream, find out which works best for you.

3- never ever shave against the grain, it may bring a closer shave but it leaves your skin chaffed, irritated, and hurt.

4- always exfoliate before a shave.

5- rinse your razor after each swipe.

6- a dull razor’s place is the trash.

7- if you’ve got acne, be extra careful.

8- keep your razors covered when not in use.

9- stay clear from wounds, zits, and whatever else hurts to the touch.

10- if you’re scared, visit a dermatologist and ask them as many questions as you like, or you know, google.

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