Your Shella Members as “El Nazer” Characters

By: Zeina Elmofty

There is not a single soul who hasn’t watched “El Nazer” and if you don’t absolutely love this movie, you are nothing but a psycho. The thing about this movie is that it not only about the laugh. Have a 3 second rewind of the movie in your head and you’ll see the amount variety the characters have and how unique each one is. But if your memory is a little rusty, allow me to fill you in a little bit.
1- 3ashour

Of course of had to start with the lead. In every shella we have a Ashour. This is possibly the most childish, silly person you can ever meet. The thing about him is that he makes literally everything serious fun, and somehow always gets his way. 

2- 3atef

The group’s idiot, and also the group’s favorite. This person’s sensational words and actions never make sense, and because no one gets him, everyone gets him. The person who is soberly high and the best person to be around if you’re looking for a laugh.

3- Gawaher

Literally the most carefree person you know. Thriving to do whatever the hell she wants, Gawaher breaks each and every stereotype there is and is the literal definition of “rawa2an” – with a slight dash of occasional nakad. 

4- Enshera7

Since we’re in the topic already, allow me to talk about the biggest badass of all. With her over-the-top dominance, the Enshera7 person in your group is the person you go to if you need someone to back you up in a fight. She’s the person who gets what she wants because she wants it and no one gets in her way. Enshera7 in two words? Seya3a + Baga7a.

5-El Lemby

I don’t think I should explain much. Just the person who’s mastool, and is always encouraging everyone to make bad (sorry, sh*tty) decisions.

6- Wafaa2

The cutie pie who’s sweet and cute and kind and sugar and spice and everything nice and sometimes you want to kill her but she’s too adorable.

 7-Zakaria el Dardiry

This is the person who is always annoyed and hates going out but does anyway because he’s got nothing else to do.

8-Sayed Da7y

Ironically, both the motherly and fatherly figure of the group. The person who can be somewhat harsh on everyone but only as a result of caring. Finally, the person you can always go to for advice. 

And there you have it peeps. Tag your friends I guess? 
Oh, and enjoy your hot chocolates.

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