Gang Harassment is a Thing Now??? Everything You Need to Know About the Mansoura Sexual Harassment Case

By: Rawan Khalil

On the night of December the 31st of 2019, people flooded streets, restaurants and malls enjoying the festivities of New Year’s Eve with friends and family our beloved Egyptian boys could not help but seize this opportunity to flex their masculinity most alarmingly and disgustingly. 

A video clip spread all over social media of a screaming woman being tossed around in the street by dozens of young men subjecting her to collective sexual harassment. This left her looking helpless and powerless as she struggled to insert her body into a car as she pushed through them. Not one of them acting in an orderly manner to help her to push the other man away, but they all inserted their repulsive claws on her defenceless body. Some of the men waved sticks around and jumped on top of the car that she was able to eventually climb into.

Activists said that the girl was traveling with another girl on New Year’s Eve in the Al-Mashaya area which is close to The Mansoura University. She was subjected to sexual harassment, and the perpetrators sexually assaulted her. She had to enter a store that sells mobile devices to hide from those monsters. But, that did not stop the young men as they attacked the store, forcing its owner to kick her out. And, once she came out they molested her and ripped her clothes apart. 

I am sorry but why was there no sufficient protection to a large street on New Year’s Eve. How is a person supposed to feel safe if the protective forces such as the police are not doing their job? There is supposed to be no investigation because the boys that attacked the girl should have been stopped right away and taken by the police. The delay in arrest will result in the inability of the police to identify the perpetrators and the development of already present fear when it comes to women.

Currently, there are two ongoing investigations regarding the case as well as the surveillance cameras on the street being reviewed. Dakhlia Securite Directorate has interrogated 20 shop owners located in the location after the video spread all across the internet of the girl being harassed in Al-Gomhoria Street. As well as that, seventeen of the suspects have been arrested for interrogation. 

Now, we can pretend that this is a one-time thing, but you know as well as I do that that this is not an isolated case but one in a thousand- this one being lucky enough to receive attention from social platform for us to call out the disgusting misogynistic behavior which is rarely addressed on Egyptian platforms. Even after the video was shared on multiple platforms people dared to blame the woman for how she dressed- as if it matters. I have refrained from saying what she was wearing when I first described the incident because it doesn’t fucking matter and it should not fucking matter, but apparently according to an Egyptian Islamic preacher it does. 

After the incident, an Islamic preacher came out saying: “that if young men see a lady wearing a mini-skirt and do not assault her then they are not men.”

I am sorry but what?

We have had this conversation multiple times.

We have screamed it- on the top of our lungs.

We have written articles about it.

We have seen films and documentaries.

This is hardly a new concept and this argument has been lampooned and publicly criticized on countless occasions. Yet, the misogynistic entitlement clearly persists. The argument tries to justify the actions of men by blaming the way women dress, by saying that if a woman dresses in a way that causes a powerful sexual arousal in man that he is incapable of having any sort of self-control, and since a woman decided to dress as such, she left him no choice but to be around, therefore, it’s her fault. 

(Gebt el tayha w shara7t el mindset el zbala el we both no is false and inexcusable) 

Firstly, why are women wearing conservative clothes assaulted? if that is true.

But more importantly, men should not be entitled to act like fucking animals everytime they see human flesh. We do not live in a fucking jungle so stop justifying your beastily behaviour. You might as well run around naked and do nothing but eat, sleep and have sex. 

For a religious preacher to come out and normalize such actions- it only shows how ingrained in our society the disgusting, misogynistic behaviour and mindset and it’s around fucking time we do something about this. There is no reason that justifies young boys growing up being taught that they are better, that they are entitled to things they are not.

This is becoming an epidemic. We see boys from a very young age exercising the false rights society gives them. It’s disgusting when a 6-year-old boys walks up to an 18 or 20-year-old girl and gropes her or shouts some sort of provocative language. It’s not okay when an adult man stands behind a 15-year-old girl in queue and presses his dick into her. It’s about time men stop sending unsolicited dick pics in girls dm’s. It’s not okay to rape and assault no matter the fucking form because these things make women feel threatened. 

It’s not okay. 

It never was.

It will never be.

We are fed up. We will not shut up. We will stand up for ourselves and for those who cannot stand up for themselves. 

No woman should feel unsafe because of what she’s wearing, or where she is walking or with who she is walking with. It’s about time we teach our boys what’s right and what’s wrong. It’s about time boys learn that they should keep their dicks in their pants and not because it could have been their mother, sister or their fucking aunt but because it’s wrong and disgusting. Period. It’s about time women feel safe and not threatened. It’s about time women have rights that are not jeopardized by male entitlement. 

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