4 Egyptian Male “Influencers” Breaking All the Toxic “Ragel” Stereotypes

By: Fadila

I am a hardcore Egyptian Muslim feminist who is fucking tired of the rampaging toxic masculinity. So, I decided to quickly list 4 super successful Egyptian men who do not embody any of the shitty “masculine” traits that dominate our culture and aren’t any less men for it. They’re all equally fabulous, gorgeous, successful, and – of course – badass.

1. Mohanad Kojak

Egypt’s top male designer whether anyone likes it or not. He’s stylish, talented, young, and super cool. I’ve went to one of his talks exactly a year ago and I’ve been a changed woman. Two things he said that have stuck with me are: “being well-rounded makes you have the opportunity to catch a chance at any time”, he went on to say: “Always take the first step, ask for it, that’s nothing to be ashamed of”. As a girl who went on her entire life being told she was too much, I’ve personally found my salvation listening to Kojak and watching him grow. Toxic masculinity is the last thing anyone can associate with this man.

2. Ahmed El Sayed

Funny thing is, around 2 years ago, I was sick of my feed being full of “regala” influencers, so, I asked around my friends and family and my uncle told me that I needed to follow @twistedcurlz. Ahmed is a designer and fashion icon, the Egyptian UAE-based influencer is a (GORGEOUS) kickass photographer too! He encourages grooming and self-care for men without shame and it should be this year’s ultimate trend: make grooming and self care an equally male thing again!

3. Mostafa Waheed

Egyptian fashion blogger extraordinaire; the man who keeps fit, eats good food, is openly kind, and wears whatever the fuck he wants no matter what anyone says. Mostafa has been a leading stylist in the industry for a bit now, and it’s funny how a supposed “women-only” job is being dominated by this totally fearless man, not because women are less and men are better (or vice versa), but because authenticity, fearlessness, and not giving a fuck are the ultimate ways in which to succeed in this jungle. It doesn’t make him any less a man, and I fucking love it (and him, tbh).

4. Ammar Kandil

aka – well, Ammar. Co-creator of YesTheory, the absolute most incredible adventurer in all the land. I am so bummed Ammar can’t make it to Egypt, I would have loved to meet him, I really need to, sometime soon. He’s an incredible force to be reckoned with. A successful entrepreneur, an adventurer, a content creator – watching YesTheory has taught me so fucking much about taking risks and never settling, listening to and watching Ammar go out and do crazy things, not letting anything stop him, it brought me so much joy and made me so much more confident in my ability to get my shit together and take the world by storm. There ISN’T a man more badass than Ammar.

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