4 Local Brands That Produced Our Favorite 2020 Planners This Year

By: Malak Hatem

This is the start of a new year, a new decade, and a whole 365 days ahead of us to screw up and learn some more lessons. I am not a person who just does things spontaneously, I plan and I plan and I plan every single minute of my day. It doesn’t really matter if I follow said plan or not, but what’s most important is that the plan is there in case I decide not to have a chill day. If you do the same, then you know the struggle, and you also know that all this (not completely useless) planning requires good quality planners to endure what I usually to do with it (hehe). 

It’s been around four years since daily planners became a thing in Egypt and over those four years I have compiled a list of all the worthy local brands that produced planners that helped me get through the year as smoothly as I can. 

  1. Write Concept (@thewriteconcept)

Their designs are extremely classy and elegant. Fit for anyone who is looking for something that is simple but not boring. The planners’ quality is exquisite and it is designed in a really neat and productive way. Also, this year they’ve exclusively made limited edition planners made with Egyptian Fabrics that come in beautiful nude colors.

  1. Stick To The Plan (@sticktotheplan.egy)

This is their first year and yet they have made in onto the list and quite frankly they deserve it. They have four planners, all with the same organized and super comfortable-to-look-at-everyday interior but different covers. Every cover tells a story and has a purpose behind its design.

  1. Nootah (@nootahfornotebooks)

And for those who have put “save the earth” on their 2020 resolution, Nootah has made you guys a planner with 100% recycled paper so you can remain a friend of the environment and still have something to plan out your new year in.

  1. Mofakera (@mofkera_notebooks)

Lastly, one of the closest planners to my heart (because Mofakera’s was actually one of the first planners I ever purchased), Mofakera’s gift box. This year they’ve added so much to the box (besides the to-do list, the wall calendar and the bookmark) that wasn’t there last year. They’ve updated the planner itself to fit most of its users’ needs and they’ve made 5 different designs that appeal all personalities. Also for those of you who just want the notebook without the gift box, this year you can actually do that so yay you.

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