5 Egyptian Winter Things We Love and 2 We Hate That Our Mothers Force Upon Us, Just Because

By: Farah Aly

After the long wait, winter is finally here. All the winter-y vibes are kicking in – I mean, it’s just been Christmas and we’re a couple of days away from the New Year – and even though it gets dark at 5 PM now, there are a few winter traditions we can’t wait to get back into, and others that we hate being forced to endure.

Winter comes with the overwhelming need to eat 24/7! The cold just makes you unable to control your hunger as its one of the main sources of heat for your body, so you tend to eat more than the normal. Then we go into the endless dillema of wanting that “transformation” to finally get your summer body ready. But we all know how that ends – consider it a way to battle shitty diet culture.

When it comes to winter we can’t not dress like a burito and act all dumb dancing/running in the rain. One of the best feelings, is just to feel the rain everywhere as you dance with your friends, humming (read: screeching like a dying cat) your favourite songs.

Sometimes though,we wish we dont ever have to leave our beds and end up inviting your squad for a cosy night in. This includes enjoying a movie while covered with an average of 5 to 7 blankets and includes the non-stop gossip about everything and everyone.

Even though we eat ice-cream almost daily in summer,yet ice-cream always tastes different in the cold. It’s a good different for me, I have to say. 

Since winter is mostly related to school/uni and our parents would never stop worrying about you catching that “cold”, so we’re always forced to take these flu shotsthat always, and I can’t stress this enough, ALWAYS taste bad. 

Due to the constant stress of school/uni, ranting levels tend to increase to almost 3x in winter and mainly our mothers tend to accept it in only one way. Sahlab. Any problem can be solved as you drink that magical sahlab. As you drink it, there always tends to be a small gossip session with your mom. After that problems disappear, you become unconsciously recharged and go onto beast mode to finish your endless to-do list, or you give up because you’ve become numb and go watch Grey’s Anatomy for the 10843975th time.

3ala seeret mothers, I swear any mother feels the wind strengthening up a bit and raindrops start to fall, the kitchen skills switch to lazy-mode and they’re only making 3ads. They hit you with the “3ashan tedafa” + “ehna fel sheta w da akl el sheta” and NONE of us like 3ads, okay? Saying I hate 3ads would be an understatement, trust me.

Lastly, winter always has these occasions/parties, Christmas has been lovely, but NYE parties will be a blast. So we got a very busy schedule for winter and have to make use of each occasion either by a low-key party with the close ones or go big and party hard, cause you deserve the break.  

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