26 Words That Didn’t Really Exist Before 2010

By: Zeina Amr and Fadila

Since we’re approaching the end of the decade (feels scary to say that tbh) we thought we’d reflect on some words that weren’t around or weren’t commonly used before 2010. You’re in for a surprise because some of these feel like they’ve been around since forever, but frankly, most of them need to be dumped asap. 2020 better bring better vocab please, thanks.

  1. Yasta

Our very own annoying version of “bro”…

  1. Woke

Let’s all be more woke in 2020!

  1. Red velvet

10 years ago you would’ve thought we’re talking about a fabric… However, we mean that red cake thingie that invaded our lives and our Ramadan desserts a few years ago.

download (1).jpg
  1. Da keda keda

Typical Gen Z Egyptian lingo. Say it a few times consecutively for maximum effect.

  1. Uber

Uber launched in Egypt in 2014 and we’ve all been searching for promo codes ever since. 

  1. Selfie

This pic alone should make us all very grateful that selfies exist.

  1. Binge watching

Also known as, just one more episode and I’ll go to sleep.

  1. Vape

Ugh, the sickeningly sweet smell…

  1. Fitspo

Let’s all count till 3 and just stop using this word. 

  1. Youtuber

Imagine not having those weird random challenges to suck you into the Youtube void. We’d probably be all getting our shit done at record speed.

  1. Tiktok

I just imagined the world without Tiktok and it’s such a happy thought tbh. 

  1. Memes

13. Bae

Uhm, us at 13 all over the Instagram comments of our crushes and that bitch we were all gossiping about last night

14. ASMR

you either love to hate it or hate to love it *shrugs*

15. Mukbang

ASMR, but more ya3, basically.

16. Emoji

17. Kalbooba

every 16 year old girl’s current favorite word, but also, such a med students thing?

18. Bromance

every directioner’s #OTP since 2011

19. Vlogger

Everyone on instagram who goes to exotic places – like, Dahab, masalan – today, and has an iPhone.

20. Snapchat

and of course, it came with “streak”, “snap”, and “my ex better see this”

21. Sexting

Post snapchat, sexting actual became THE thing, ya know? Phone sex was left back in 2012, because suddenly, nudes were all over the internet due to asshole men 🙂

22. #MeToo

23. Zen

Every wannabe “yogi” or “chill girl” on Instagram ever. “Omg this is so, like, zen”

24. Tinder

25. Body Positivity / Diet Culture

you know, because the world is a shitty place and has only started realizing that other perfectly desirable women exist when they’re not size 0…even though people still preach “celery juice”, “keto”, and “protein shakes”.

26. “Goals”

Tumblr trend gone haywire…also the reason why all our relationships are shit 🙂

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