Yes, Sexual Shame and Guilt is a Thing and it Needs to Stop

By: Jumana

  Disclaimer; this article includes talk of religion not necessarily being the right option, if you do not or are not willing to read this objectively, please just don’t, or try to refrain from harassing the comments, thanks. 

Finding comfort in your sexuality is quite difficult. Finding comfort in a lot of stuff about one’s self is always quite difficult. Society has conditioned us to always think that there’s something wrong with us, when really, as cliche as it is, how we are naturally is just perfect. 

The definition of perfect is literally having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be

Nowhere does this say that how we are is not perfect, because being perfect is subjective, who gets to decide what the desirable qualities are? That’s right, no one. So I’m here to basically talk shit about the social norms, criteria and requirements set in place for us to follow, those that prompt, hell, encourage hiding parts of ourselves if they are not deemed socially acceptable. 

Sexuality. Such a broad word. Sexuality can be an orientation, a tendency, a desire and so much more. 

Many a times, we hear the phrase, “men require more, and are more sexual, that’s why God allowed them 4 wives.” Or,  even just the acceptance and normality of a guy being a playboy. This is utter bullshit 🙂 

If I hear another person say that girls aren’t allowed to be sexual and guys are, we’re gonna have a problem. GUYS ARE NOT THE ONLY ONES WITH SEXUAL URGES. Stop it with all the bigotry, the idiocy and misogyny. 

If you’re a girl, or a guy, whatever, and are not comfortable with your sexual urges, I’m telling you, just stop. Stop thinking about what you are and aren’t allowed to do as per society’s or religions’ rules. We all have brains that enable us to understand and differentiate between right and wrong. Don’t let society or religion over- shadow that.

It needs to not be taboo to have sex without wanting to reproduce, if sex was for reproduction only, we wouldn’t have had pleasure receptors. If you want to have sex and not give birth, go right fucking ahead. Pun not intended. Having sex for pleasure is completely fine, the sooner we accept that, the sooner people will stop suppressing themselves. 

If you want to masturbate, go ahead, if your beliefs allow you to have sex and you want to, go ahead. If you choose to not have sex before marriage, there are many other ways to express one’s sexuality. Don’t hurt yourself trying to follow a mindless herd. 

However, this by no means says just go around having random sex. While I wish this was utopia, it isn’t. We still need to be careful and stay safe ( in every way). 



One thought on “Yes, Sexual Shame and Guilt is a Thing and it Needs to Stop

  1. hii, I totally agree with most of the article but encouraging people to ignore their religion’s rules is extremely unethical and dumb. Being sexually active and having sexual urges is totally normal for both males and females but telling people not to put their religion into consideration is ultimately wrong on so many levels, teens who are still maturing will read this and will completely misunderstand it and take advantage of your words. Please be careful of what you say about religion, it’s not something to be taken lightly.


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