6 Signs That Your Relationship Has No Chance of Working Out – Ever

By: Renad

Nowadays, many people tend to hold onto a relationship that will probably never last. They may or may not know that meaning they will end up wasting their time one way or another, so I’m here to save you some time, effort and unnecessary attachment. Here are some reasons why your relationship has a very thin chance of being long term. 

  1. They’re hung up on an ex.

Self-explanatory. This may not be up to any of you, moving on is not easy and doesn’t happen overnight, so there’s no one to blame here. What’s wrong is that fact that you’re both exerting effort in something that won’t work out, at least not now.  

  1. They don’t know you hate strawberries, even when you constantly point it out. 

Okay this is not really about strawberries; it’s just the idea strawberries represent. A relationship will never workout if one of you isn’t giving the other the attention they deserve at this point. Taking in small details and quirks, knowing what the person likes and dislikes are signs that you’re truly invested in this relationship, if not, just say bye and bolt before feelings get way too intense from one side. 

  1. You find yourself masking a huge part of who you are. 

If that’s the case, I’m telling you, this will not work. I’m not saying relationships are all fun and games, but their purpose is not to make you hide who you are to seem more appealing to someone or even worse, to stop them from criticizing you. You may be thinking ‘why will I stay in relationship where my partner is criticizing me’ but honey, y’all just never realize it until it’s too late and your self-confidence is as low as it can get, so focus. Please. 

  1. Your communication lacks quality. 

You may be talking frequently and texting all day, but if your communication consists of very constant fights and you’re not being true to one another, this will not last. You don’t have to talk all day, every day, just make sure that when you’re talking, you’re genuinely enjoying each other’s company and that communicating isn’t a task for you, it’s something you do to get rid of the day’s stress.

  1. Whenever you argue, you feel like it’ll end now. 

Arguing and fighting is a natural thing, what’s unnatural is being completely okay with anything being done or said during this relationship. So, having a fight should never feel like you’re ending it, it should be like a bump in the road. You should be able to have an argument, no matter how massive it is and still be able to work things out. Oh, and just to make it clear, I’m not saying that fights over deal breakers should be something you just suck up and move on.

  1. They run hot and cold. 

If you never know how they’ll treat on this specific day, whether they’ll be all cute and loving or cold and just completely bored, its time you end it babe. Your relationship shouldn’t be completely predictable but in terms of what plans you have for your date night or what they’ll get you for your birthday, not how they treat you. 

A relationship not working out doesn’t necessarily mean one of you is wrong, it just means that a relationship between you two isn’t the most convenient dynamic, maybe it’s the timing, or maybe someone else out there is better for you. Just keep an open mind and accept the fact that for some reason, the relationship may not last.

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