Just a List of Series We’re Binging for the Millionth Time this Season (Instead of Studying)

By: Malak Hatem

Not speaking for anyone here, but I will start by binging my all-time favorite show since I was 8 or 9 years old, Grey’s Anatomy. I know y’all gonna dish on the drama and how everyone in it dies and how Shonda is cruel af. But, I don’t care, Shonda’s a genius and y’all are right, everyone dies, I MISS BABY DEREK SHEPERD AND LEXIE AND MARK DESERVED BETTER but yeah that’s what I’m binging this season because it’s wholesome and I love it despite all its flaws.

Next on my list is, without a doubt, Friends. Because in spite of all the people who surfaced out of nowhere in the last couple of years to say how overrated Friends is, it will always remain one of the greatest shows to ever exist. Friends is always there for you; for better or for worse. Having a bad day and want to cheer yourself up whilst gorging yourself on a tub of ice cream? Friends will be there for you to make you laugh like you’ve never been sad before. Having a good day and don’t want to ruin it by a fight with your parents? Friends will be there for you to make sure your day ends in the best of ways.

Let’s not forget our favorite/ first non-offensive cop show ever: Brooklyn Nine-Nine! We were all devastated when the show was cancelled off Fox and when nbc picked it up, it was like they brought back the light into our lives. So for those of you who never get tired of Holt’s expressive (I mean that sarcastically) nature or have no problem listening to Boyle talk about the right way to make paella, let’s all binge B99 again this season!! And for those of you who haven’t still watched it, I strongly urge you to. I promise, you won’t regret it.

Since there is no word yet on the release date of the show that caught everyone’s attention this summer, this season we’re binging La Casa De Papel. We simply can’t afford to go a whole season without seeing the faces of The Resistance. La Casa De Papel was really one of the most brilliant shows to ever air, script to execution. Everything is perfect, it’s so satisfying. It makes you want to play it on repeat until you no longer need the English subtitles and can speak Spanish fluently.

I know we all got studying to do, and it’s getting harder everyday but y’all deserve to unwind. So pick one day a week and pick a different show every week and just enjoy.

Yours truly,

The biggest Grey’s Anatomy fan in the world.

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