Relationships Aren’t Always “For Fun”

By: Renad

During the past couple of months I’ve been encountering a lot of relationships that do nothing but fail. Seeing two sides of every relationship got me thinking about how some people get into a relationship just for the hell of it. Basically, I’m here to tell you that’s its not always fun and games. 

You’re young, you wanna give being in a relationship a try, I totally understand that, but being young doesn’t mean the feelings you or the person you’re dating have aren’t going to last you a long while or that this relationship isn’t ‘it’. While there is a high chance it’s not ‘it there’s also a chance it is, maybe you don’t think that but the person you’re dating does, maybe you think that but the person you’re dating doesn’t, one way or another, you’ll have to figure it out.

Before getting into a relationship or ending one you need to understand that it’s not always a short term relationship you’re in for fun because that might not be the case to you or your partner, one of you might be extremely invested in this relationship, one of you probably thought this through a million times and can see the other one in their future, one of you will want nothing more than to make the relationship work and have it strive through all the changes that might occur, but sadly, one of you will end the relationship thinking it was just some type of short term fun.

This is where I’ll state my point. Make sure you understand how both of you are perceiving this because being young doesn’t mean you’re in a immature relationship that won’t make your heart ache when it ends. It can still be hard, you might feel like you’re losing a huge part of you, you might feel like there’s no reason or purpose behind anything you’re doing anymore and you might feel like there’s no use in moving on. Oh, and please don’t let anyone make you feel stupid for feeling that way with the reasoning of ‘you’re still young’. Being young in no way justifies that you don’t have feelings or are truly in love. 

Well, in conclusion, I would like to tell you all to understand what the relationship means to you and your partner so that you know how to make it work or at least you’ll know how to end it right without making it seem like the other person is wrong for having such deep feelings for a relationship that only you analyzed as short term. 


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