7 Accessible Ways for All Teens to Make a Bit of Money

By: Hanya

I can’t even count how many times I’ve went broke, whether it’s because I’ve spent all my allowance on the new Nike shoes, a killer red lipstick, or even my own vegan groceries. Mom, Dad, you’re doing great but our economy is shit and I’m a teen trying to get through these years with a bit of integrity, you know?

So I’ve always wondered if I can get a job amidst my *quite hectic* school year. Here’s almost everything I was able to think of and reach!

Teacher’s Assistant:

I don’t know about you, but as an IGCSE student, we’re all running around like headless chickens around our favorite teachers after we’re done with the year. They usually give you a tonne of credit for it and if you ask for a recommendation letter they’ll surely write you one. That is of course all on top the amount you’ve decided upon.


If you live in a compound or an area with a lot of foreigners like Maadi, this is gonna be easier for you. Taking care of a kid for a couple of hours so the parents can go on a rendezvous is an effortless way to get some cash, and so is walking a dog. Sometimes just sometimes, people are too busy to look after their obligations that one time so there really is no problem in you helping them and helping yourself too 😉


A lot of libraries offer night shifts throughout the year, and stationaries do too. I’ve seen a couple just around the block. And that’s important: make sure it’s super close to you and that the hours suit you so you can balance your studies, health, and work all the while taking care of yourself.


Hameley’s have a paid internship program all year long. They’re fun and they radiate positivity. And well honestly what’s better than working in a toy store and interacting with children all day long?


I know I said our parents don’t have much to give us, but if you actually have to work for the money they’ll be more willing to give it to you. Trust me, I’ve tried it a couple of times and it works like a dream! You can ask to wash the dishes, do the laundry, get the groceries, take care of your younger siblings, etc. etc.

Go Clean:

Go Clean is a great program for recycling and it ensures your trash goes to “good waste”. Basically that it’s not burned nor thrown just anywhere. Well on top of recycling, Go Clean gives you a pound for every kilo of waste! It’s not much, yes, but you have a tonne of garbage all around you. So dedicate a day to clean up and give them a call or check them out on Instagram. 

IG Centres and School Programs:

Most IG centres offer jobs for students if they ask for it. That’s a major plus because you don’t have to transport a lot and waste all the money you gained on Ubers. School’s also offer work for students with gap years so they can add it to their file too!!

In short, you can easily find work if you look into it. It doesn’t have to be something that makes you happy- for now. It doesn’t have to be everyday. It doesn’t have to be much, just some time to be productive and earn a bit more! Go for it, get out of your comfort zone, and earn!

One more time,

Hanya xx

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