Why You Need to Dump Your Ragel Boyfriend

By: Malak Atwa

There is absolutely nothing that I hate more than toxic masculinity. And, to be in a relationship with someone who does have toxic masculinity traits is completely intolerable for me. I would rather die than have someone like that in my life, especially if they were my partner. 

If you really are a “ragel” then you don’t need to spend your precious hours of the day trying to convince me so. If you continuously keep telling a girl that you are a “ragel” than I’m sorry to break it to you like this, but you are most likely not. “Real men” – whatever that means to you – don’t need to be in control of everything, all of the time, especially if it were your girl. To continuously tell your girl what not to wear, what not to do, where not to go, who not to talk to, that doesn’t make you a “ragel”, it only makes you toxic, controlling and manipulative. And, you will most likely be dumped

If you, a “ragel”, don’t trust your partner with having other guys in her life, that simply makes you insecure and paranoid frankly. You need to have trust in your partner, in your relationship and most importantly in yourself. Telling her to stop talking to other guys and to cut her friends out of her life for you doesn’t make you a “ragel”, only a jerk. This only shows how much of a “3ayel” you really are, that you have trust issues and no self confidence and it’s fine to have that, but it’s not fine to control someone else because of that. It’s not your place no matter who you are. And, you will most likely be dumped.

Don’t ever think that just because you have the “upper hand” or just because you “wear the pants in the relationship” that you’re a “ragel” because there is no such thing. These are nothing but toxic traits where you are in control and relationships are not about who’s in control, it’s about compromise and love and care, all things which I’m sure you know nothing about. If you continue with this “ana msayter” act then you will most likely be dumped.

“Matestargl shwya”

“Ya3m et2al 3aleha shwya”

“Bos sa7bha hafa2 ezay saybha tkalm ay 7ad”

Enak “tet2al” on your partner doesn’t mean that you’re a “ragel”. For some – very odd and mysterious – reason, guys think that if they are “mesaytareen” or “to2al” on their partners then they’re “regala” or something like that. Which couldn’t be further from the truth. Being emotionally distant won’t do you any good in your relationship. There’s a difference between being jealous and being controlling and paranoid. It’s not 1922. We’re not living in suffrage, you’re partner is not the boss of you. They have no right to control you. Your partner can be a man without being a “ragel”. 

To make a long story short: mat3mlshe fiha ragel wenta in reality nothing but a 3ayel. Stop spending your time trying to prove that you’re a man, and just be one.

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