Faking your Way to the Top of the Hierarchy – is Popularity an Obsession?

By: Mariam Abdelrazek

I wish I could make this introduction a bit more suspicious but let’s just face them facts, popularity is an obsession. A huge one. There is really no other way around it, everyone wants to be popular, no one wants to be ignored or left out. After all, popular kids get everything they want; they don’t even think about the small things that the ‘unpopulars’ have to take into consideration. And believe me, people do ugly things to reach the top of the popularity scale, you definitely met one of these people and thought ‘could they be more desperate for popularity?’. Well, don’t make me laugh because, yeah they could…

Let’s go back to fifth grade shall we; remember Greg Heffley? Yep, I’m getting reference from ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ because it basically summarizes this article. So basically, Greg was way down the popularity scale and he was always picked on for being a ‘loser’ just because he wasn’t popular enough to not be one. Greg liked this girl who was insanely popular and of course, way out of his league, because she was popular while he was not *scoffs* pathetic right? Now back to real life, akeed we’ve all know the stereotype of popular kids in high school or college or whatever. It’s always the same, rich kids, good-looking, usually have shitty personalities or at least appear tenkeen and so full of themselves to those who don’t yet know them, they’re always hard to get, hard to be friends with – even though they seem to have loads of friends but if you want to enter that circle or popularity…boy, you’ll go through hell and all the way back. 

Of course, everyone wants to be part of that circle of popularity so in order to do so, they have to fake the hell out of their personalities in order to fit in with the criteria set in order to be popular. The shitty criteria portrayed in the movies, you have to be a badboy/badgirl, you can’t just be nice to everyone, you have to look good as hell, you have to pass a certain number of followers on Instagram, you have to have a specific number of likes, you have to have certain comments from certain people or else poof, you’re off the grid, people know your name bel shabah keda and your dof3a can barely identify you as one of them lol. 

Let’s move on to the types of people faking their way into popularity. Get ready for an intense amount of relating. 

#1 The one that goes into a relationship/friendship with a popular even though they aren’t interested

I mean, it’s self-explanatory enough. We all met this person at least once in our lives. One person that gets lucky and becomes friends with one of the popular kids then they get to know the rest of their circle, automatically skipping 500 steps on the ladder of popularity. It’s pretty sad if I’m honest but let me say something in defense of these people. Personally, I think they don’t usually realize they’re faking their feelings or something, I feel that it’s mostly peer pressure that makes them do it. Like, they subconsciously think, okay if I let go of this person I will lose kaza w kaza w kaza so I better hold on to them.

#2 The suddenly rich one 

We see this person every single day in our lives. The one that thinks that money will buy them popularity. The one that goes buying designer clothes, bags and shoes in order to fit in the popularity criteria. The one that suddenly has the newest apple products and is showered with Balenciaga’s and goes on buying thigs that their parents probably can’t afford just to impress a couple of losers the society labels as popular.

#3 Eli fahem el mawdoo3 ghalat

The one that warms up to the popular gang using all the wrong ways. For example, betka2eeh rashe2 fi kol el khorogat fag2a keda out of nowhere and talks to these kids that he knows minimal things about as if they’ve been best friends their entire lives. The one that thinks they’re now one of the cool kids when in reality everyone talks about them behind their back and they really think he’s a – sorry ya3ny – khazoo2. 

Can we blame these people though? I mean, popularity does make your life easier, specially in high school and getting ignored at school or college everyday can only be tolerated for so long. And I mean, it’s not fair that some kids are born popular with everyone loving the daylights out of them while others have to struggle just having eye contact with another person or utter out a ‘hi’ just because of their position on the popularity scale.

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