First Aid Basics, Why You Need to Know Them, and Where to Get Trained in Egypt

By: Jumana

First aid is one of the most underrated subjects ever. First aid is supposed to be taught in schools but it isn’t. Everyone should have at least basic knowledge of first aid and try to get licensed but rarely anyone actually is. Quite a disappointment if you ask me. Having basic first aid knowledge is imperative. You could literally save a life if you know basic knowledge of first aid.

I won’t go as first as to say you’re gonna meet someone who’s dying on the street and you just happen to be there and miraculously save them, because that is unlikely to happen. However, you could help a younger sibling who is perhaps choking on something, help a parent if ba3d el shar they have cardiac arrest, or so on and so forth. Bottom line is, you could save a lot of people if you know first aid, perhaps even yourself. 


So, my elder brother, who is a certified first aider, was on a hiking trip with a group of people almost a year ago. During the trip, which was in winter, one of the girls who was with them got hypothermia. Symptoms of hypothermia include; shivering, slurred speech, lack of coordination, drowsiness or confusion and perhaps even losing consciousness. In as little as one hour, hypothermia could lead to death if nothing is done about it. 

While, unfortunately, the trip guide didn’t recognize the symptoms, thought she was simply cold and just told her to wear another jacket and try to stay warm, Shehab, my brother, did.  He came to the conclusion that the girl couldn’t stay on the mountain anymore and had to go down to warm up and get to a hospital as soon as possible. When that proved difficult, since she couldn’t even walk, he carried her and ran with her about 4 kM till they reached the first emergency center. 

You see, this wouldn’t have been possible if my brother hadn’t taken time out of his life, to go take a first aid course. Without knowledge of first aid, he wouldn’t have been able to recognise any of her symptoms and she, 100% would have died. 

I’m in no way telling this story to brag about my brother’s heroism, God knows he has enough of that fueling his ego already. Kiddinggggg 

Anyway, I’m telling this story to emphasise how important first aid is, and why it should be a priority for you, all of you, to get certified as soon as possible. 

There’s a lot of ways you can get certified depending on where you are. Here’s where you can get certified in Egypt.

This is the link to the Red Crescent’s first aid programme.

 It focuses on heart attacks, airway obstruction, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), AED, drowning, bleeding, burns, fractures, abdomen, chest, and eye injuries, shock, fainting and coma, convulsions, poisoning, diarrhea, bites and stings, exposure to extreme temperatures and Triage. 

This programme is a very useful one if you want to not only learn about first aid, but also get certified to perform first aid on people. If you don’t have a certificate and performed first aid on a person and they got injured, or worse, you’re most likely going to end up in deep sh*t legally. 

This is their E-mail and phone number; 

Telephone: +20) 2 25985562 / 25985563

                                               Mobile:+(20) 1142222134

I sincerely hope everyone puts this on their to-do list, it only takes a week. 

Stay safe.



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